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Can any please let me know how and where I can register my husband and Ii into free spanish lesson in LLiria, we are new here and really want to learn the language.

Try googling this as I've just found it. We are also looking for lessons. We have a house in Lliria and will be spending more time there soon. Let me know if you find any classes please


Thanks for the information.

Sorry for the late reply, I have has a very busy month with family coming over from the UK.
I will try it and tell you what happens.

Dose anyone know of anything more in the center that’s low cost or free?

Contact or check the websites of the following institutions:
1) Your local city council,
2) Your Diputacion,
3) Generalitat de Valencia,
Good luck!

IT India Barcelona

Thank you so much

Thank you so much for your help.

Hello Beevee8
i will be moving to Lliria soon,were you successful in finding a spanish course that you could reccomend?

This is good online place for free lessons/ practice

I'm moving to Lliria soon perhaps we can see if anyone is willing to do a Spanish language meetup like they have in Valencia.

Sounds like a great idea to me

With just over 30 years living  in spain, and having reasonable Spanish, although not being a betting man, I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that hardly any brits moving to spain will ever achieve even a very poor level of spanish

Unless one is prepared to put in the hours of study don’t waste your time with unattainable dreams

I know 2 types of Brits in Spain : the ones that do not speak a word or just Hola, Gracias, and another type with quite a good level (or above), enough to have a casual conversation and for the day to day life

Anyway, how can you have a confortable life in Spain without speaking Spanish ? How is it wasting time ?

Some say risk nothing, try only for the sure thing,
Others say nothing gambled nothing gained,
Go all out for your dream.
Life can be lived either way, but for me,
I'd rather try and fail, than never try at all, you see.
(William F. O'Brien)

I seem to have this guy's philosophy on life ;)

I appreciate that with just 30 years living permanently in spain and a number of additional years visiting, 20 years working as a volunteer assisting victims of crime, that I may not be as competent  as you to make a judgement, if so please disregard my post

However in my experience practically no brits have even spanish acquaintances unless the
Spaniards  speak english.   Sorry but that is the way I see it

I wish many more non Spaniards spoke  reasonable Spanish and I could give up my voluntary work,  but the people of many nationalities whom I have assisted over the years in the main at least get by in english (French included) and not in spanish.  That includes residents as well as visitors

For the ten years when I organised and ran teams  of volunteers at five police stations and Guardia offices I had great difficulty finding volunteers who could speak enough english (always the most important language when dealing with internationals ) and Spanish, to be able to assist victims  and the police

Of course, a lot of Brits only speak English in Spain, in France ... but most of the time it is just because they do not learn another language, they do not make the effort

The ones who try, learn, take lessons, manage to have at least a level to have a basic conversation

And Frenchs speaking English? you have some in the youngest (less than 35), you were lucky if you meet some who were older ;) (I am French) but I know a lot who only speak French and sometimes few  words of Spanish

I  have since registered with a college in LLiria Euro28.00 a year for 2 hours a week lesson that is as far as free go. an hour on Monday and an hour on Friday and in the middle I practice online.

Good luck

I  have since registered with a college in LLiria Euro28.00 a year for 2 hours a week lesson that is as far as free go. an hour on Monday and an hour on Friday and in the middle I practice online.

Good luck

You could always try colleges and see. Sometimes students want to practice their English and in return can help you with Spanish?

When I finally decided either I was going to learn Spanish or stop saying I was going to I was  57.    I signed up at Malaga University. Two hours a day, five days a week, free.  Then, being single and retired, I was able to spend practically the whole of every day studying the books.  After about 4 months I decided to advertise for a Spanish girlfriend. Conversation practice in exchange for friendship.  A few contacts later I found a lady who spoke no English so I had to really work at it. 

After a few months I looked around to see what I could do to help out in my town. With my level of Spanish I decided the medical centre where there were volunteers, was not the place, as I would kill people !   With my police background,  in effect I made the nearby National Police allow me to work as a volunteer with them.  So in at the deep end, still spending every spare minute with my head in the books. Taking books from the junior and senior section of the Spanish public library..  That was 20 years ago.

As I said, it is not simple to get to a reasonable level of Spanish.  In my opinion if you are not able to do similar,   don’t bother unless you just want pass the time.

So Beevee good luck with two hours a week

Hi Valerie
That sounds pretty good and much along the lines of my german course I currently attend.Which college did you use?

I study online too, my broken Spanish, understanding reading and vocabulary is good for a person that has been studying for only about 5 months it is just what seems to be millions of verbs arrrrrrh that gets me. I am getting there better than some people that have been here for 10 years and have not bothered or tried.

Malaga and Valencia have very different councils I hear of other places where there are free lessons but I have not found any in Lliria so far.

The 2 times a week school lessons act as a social exchange for me and meeting new people.

I will keep it up and get there I hope lol

it is in LLiria where I live Where do you live?? it is in the sports centre address below

Carrer del Pla de l'Arc, 46160 Llíria, València

Thanks for this 28 Euros is nothing for a year. Really looking forward to it. I'm moving to Lliria too.

Yes, it is nothing I attend 2 classes only must say butt am going back this year I met good people there too.

The lessons start soon in September do not know when go along there and find out if I find out I will keep you posted

Thanks, I'm going back and forth in September so maybe I can fit in a couple of classes.

hope the inform i posted on here is helpful if not drop me a line if i cam help

Hi, I have just moved to Lliria with my husband 3 weeks ago. We really need to meet other English speakers,  my husband does not speak spanish at all, we are struggling with the burocracy here in Spain. We need to find a builder because we need to reform the house... etc. On the plus side I start work in a week's time. I very much would like to also find a school for my husband to learn a bit of spanish.
Would love to hear from anyone living in or around Lliria

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