MEDDEAS Public School Program

Has anyone heard of the public school Language Assistant program through MEDDEAS?   

I've read a lot of info about the program MEDDEAS has for language assistants in private schools, as well as public school programs through other organiations, but I can't find anything about the public school program other than what is provided on the website I pasted above.  If anyone has participated in this program or knows of someone that has, it would be great to hear about your/their experience.  Thanks!

I found the same thing when I was offered the Public School Program by Meddeas - not a lot of information on it, which made me a little skeptical. I asked them for quite a lot of info before I made a decision, & it seems to be pretty much the same as the auxiliar de conversacion program (we're paid the same money, paid by the government etc.), but you pay Meddeas a fee which I guess is pretty much to act as the middleman and be your contact etc. essentially. I really wanted to go this year and all other applications were closed, so I bit the bullet and decided to just do it! If I wasn't in a rush, though, I probably would've just waited and applied directly for the auxiliar de conversacion program, which has no fees involved. In saying that, though, I have found Meddeas really helpful with everything so far. I don't have a lot of info to share at this point as I am just starting the process, but if you do decide to do it too, let me know as it'd be great to know someone else in the program :)

I was having a scout around to see if I could find anything and I came across this.

I only scanned through it but at first glance it looked to be a view from outside the organisation. … n-program/

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