Philippine visa agency help


I have the approval to get my wife a family visa, she is from Philippines. I need to find a good visa agency in Manila area.

Is anyone able to recommend any?

Hi deanb1982,

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Dont bother u will get scammed.  Do it yourself and trust nobody.  Agency took our 3300.00 usd and disappeared , we were warned but  i learned to Listen to others advice.  Besides they cant do much as it is only You who the Embassys want to deal with.  These phony agencies are not even allowed inside the door!

Hi Mike, your information is not true, its not me who they have to deal with. I do my part in Saudi and my wife has to do her part in Philippines. The Saudi embassy will not allow anyone to enter, it has to be done via an agency. If you get a good agency then you will not pay until the visa has already been stamped.

As with everything in Philippines, you must always do your homework or you will lose your money.

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