Moving to thailand with a child, 3 cats and a dog

Hi, me and my husband are planning to move the whole family to Thailand, included our house animals.
The first question I have is : is there any restriction - like in the UK - for introducing living animals in this nation?
After knowing the answer to this question I can organize things better.
Thanks to the ones who will help me on this subject.

Only this: … r-pet.html
But I doubt if there really is a "pet passport", and those I've talked to say that the animal is not normally quarantined. But don't take my word for it. I hope we can find out more.

Thank you Dick for your help. For sure I have to get this pet's passport here in Italy.

I'm taking my cat to the vet here soon, and I hope she can offer me some answers.

This page says that a quarantine is not imposed if you have all the paperwork completed.

A "Pet Passport" reminds me of a certain comedy sketch about a guy who wants a goldfish license. ;)

Thank you, now next step is choosing a good school not too expensive for my 11 y.o. boy!

Well I can't help you with that.  :unsure

With regards to schools...What part of Thailand will you be living in?

Hi Alaya,

We are relocating to probably Koh Samui with our two cats. We are opting to use a pet export company. You may wish to look into this from your country of origin because they ensure all the correct paperwork is done for the animals. There are many airlines who will not fly aimals into SE Asia so they will arrange all of this. We are using Worldwide Animal Travel

Hope this helps.

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