Looking for Secondary school for my 16 year old..

My son is going into his 3rd year of high school which is the most important year, not sure if I would move him unless I found the appropriate school for him. His average is 102. He is very smart and advanced in all his classes. I would need a school for sciences and English taught? Does this even exsist? We are moving to the Liege area. I also have a 7 year old with special learning needs. He is going into 3rd grade but would hold him back if need be...I would take any help I can get.. They don't know any french and need to learn. I am learning myself. I understand a lot but unable to speak. We are spending the whole summer in Belgium and will get some french lessons. We live in the US the education is completely different here. He is interested in going to University.  He is also into fencing.  I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks

There are no schools which teach to mother tongue standard in English in the public system in liege or even in liege province.

There are schools which do English immersion but your son will struggle in the majority French hours and be unchallenged in the English immersion hours. Ste veronique is the most academic school in liege offering English immersion but may not consider your son.

Uwc maastricht is up to an hour away it s in English and a private school. It s where I d look but get your money out.

Consider home schooling.

Thank you so much for your reply...

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