Free public FR/En school in Brussels?

Hi Everyone,

For my 5 year old kid, I've reviewed details of many private schools and they seem to be very expensive.

Are there any FREE public French and English (bilingual) or at least English school in Brussels?

If not in Brussels, any other city in Belgium?

Thank you for your replies.

A lot of existing threads here:

Hi Aneesh,

Thank you for replying. I've gone to many posts but unfortunately didn't find anything relevant.

I need specific school information for school:

1. Are there any free public bilingual school (FR/EN) anywhere in Brussels?
2. If not in Brussels then, any where in Belgium?
3. Still if not, then which is the french pubic school in Brussels that may allow admissions near Feb / March 2018? (Where there are no challenges in terms of seat availability)

Thank you in advance for any guidance in this matter as this will help me to select my residence location. I would like to get a rental property close to the school.

NOTE: My office location will be around -
Chaussée de Haecht 1442, 1130 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Actually all this information is spread across various threads in school and studies section of the forum :)

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1. No public ones in Brussels. The ones in Brussels are private schools. English medium + immersion.
2. There are some. Rixensart, Wavre, Tubize, etc.  Google will get you contact info to the schools.
3. For the schools in Brussels city area:   (for any questions/admission outside the normal admission cycles, must be discussed directly with the school. ie. You may have to contact each school individually and ask for a place)

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