Doula's/hospital recommendations in Jeddah


I am looking for a labour doula to hire for the birth of my first child in Jeddah does anyone have experience of hiring a doula?

Also, I have been to look at the labour and delivery wards in both IMC and DSFH which seem to be on a similar level to each other. I have not yet met with any of the doctors that work in either place. Does anyone have a recommendation that they can give me? Or advice about doctors that work in Jeddah at either hospital? Its difficult to know where to start!


Hi Dear,

I am a Doula here in Jeddah. I have attended birth in both IMC and DSFH, and hands down I will recommend DSFH to most of my clients. The team of doctors and nurses there are very supportive of their patients rights.

If you need recommendations for doctors, message me.

I delivered at the IMC with Dr Attar, both my husband and I were very happy with the care we received.  Unlike a lot of the Dr's here he was very pro natural delivery.

Good luck in your search

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