Lady piano and guitar teacher

Hi.. I'm looking for a lady that can teach my 10 year old daughter piano and would be great if same teacher can teach guitar as well. My 7 year old son wants to learn.  if not the same teacher then any info about either would be great! Thank you in advance

Hi Sara_Moshaya,

I suggest that you drop an advert in the Music classes in Jeddah section of the website so that you might find a music teacher.

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Interested to learn piano and guitar if any friend teache me free of cost kindly respons

I need guitar teacher, can anyone help?

Hi Aatir Raja,

Welcome to

Feel free to submit your advert in the required section :
- Music classes in Jeddah

Thank you


Good day.
Yes I know a great music female teacher.
She have 35 years experience in music.
But she is in Ukraine.
If you arrange the visa so no problem she is coming.

Thank you

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