Life in Zaporozhye

Not many expats in Zaporozhye and not many opportunities for locals to try their English so we’ve started a (free !) social club here (coffee meets, 10-pin bowling, wine tasting etc) to help locals practice English and to help expats find their way around and make new friends.

Expats & Ukrainians are most welcome to join us at the Bulldog Café (near the Glinka Concert Hall) for coffee every Sunday at 1 pm.

( Look for an old guy with a big hat and a VERY small dog  :) )

I met and got married to my now ex-wife in 2000 in Zaporozhye. You should have seen what the City looked like then!!

After my divorce I always wanted to return to Ukraine so in 2008 I moved to Kharkiv and to Volunteer and it was there that I began teaching, Since then I have lived in Ukraine for over 7 years with a one year break when I decided to move to Prague, but it's much more expensive to live just on a Teacher's Salary!! Best Cities for Teachers are Lviv, Kharkiv and Kyiv due to all the out-sourcing.

Wish you luck Ukrainians are some of the most wonderful people I've met!!

Hi - I am coming to Zaporozie in July with my 2 x friends for a short holiday, but I am looking to stay there for a while.  I'll come to the first coffee meet when I get there!  Cheers - Ferenc

Hi Ferenc555

We’ve moved our meeting from the Bulldog to the Olympi Restaurant (Олимп ресторант) garden for the summer.

I hope I’m allowed to post my email address here (***
spammers always welcome  :) ) please contact me if the directions are unclear.

We look forward to seeing you here.

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Hi everyone,

@ Jaycey01, the best way to promote the meeting, is by dropping an advert in the Events in Ukraine section of the website. Members will be able to view all details and notify their participation.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna

I’ve tried to post as suggested by foiled by start/stop event dates – these are ongoing events every Sunday & Thursday.
Can you please edit my post so that it makes some sense?
Thanks & regards

Hi - did you get my e-mail yesterday?  Cheers - FF

Ferenc555 :

Hi - did you get my e-mail yesterday?  Cheers - FF

Nothing received FF - can you post message on here?

Hello There!

I just happen to have met a teacher in Energodar and was planning to come to their school for a summer camp, but was called out to a forest fire; I couldn't refuse it.  I speak with my friends there, and have a credit with the airline so I do want to go there.  It'll be a bit, but I would very much like to visit and make friends, maybe a teaching job of some sort since that is part of what I did in a previous life.


I taught algebra at a small state university in US, and did veterans counseling.  I too am divorced after 21 years of marriage, and my family is from Ukraine.  Long story short, I want to come and make a new start in a place I'm told is ripe with both opportunity and difficulty.  Teaching English is a did you start over in Ukraine?  How much money to bring?  I'd be essentially doing a reverse immigration and selling all I own to start over.

Any advice would be appreciated!  Correspondence too.

Man, if you have a teaching certificate you could get a job with no problem.  Especially if you teach English.  Good luck to you.  Hope everything works our well for you.

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