Long term rentals and jobs in eastern of Astria

Hello, I'd like to know about long term rentals price in smaller cities in eastern Austria if anyone could give some information. What about pets allowed in house rentals?? Dogs are let in?? Thanks,

It all depends on the landlord regarding allowing pets in the home, some do some don't. All villages, towns, cities have different prices.
It all depends on what you want, a flat or a house, furnished or unfurnished, what size, how many bedrooms?

You have to give more details when asking these kinds of questions.

As you have mentioned a dog, you also have to pay for a dog license in Austria, how much all depends on what area you live in as well.

Thank you for dedicating time to reply, I just didn't want to be complicated of doing many questions. I know it depends on many facts but main concern is about my dogs,they are my family members. Wouldn't like to live a place where mentality about dogs not positive in comon sense generally. One who lives there would form a opion, that you know by daily experience. I would want to live in a small village, in a furnished house/apartment with outside space./garden wolud be perfect but big terraz would do too/. How much could cost it? How much is the deposite,1-2 months? Thank you in advance,

This site will give you an idea on prices >

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