How to make friends in Moscow

Hi, I see all mssg are quite old. Yet, does anybody want to meet just to hang out, spend time,talk, have drinks?

I do lol

Ok,how about next weekend?

Count me in for a meeting in January :)

Is something Happening?
Or are we all just talk?

Been in Moscow for 6 months now. Seen nothing of interest so far...

Happening that we are going to meet. :-)

when? where? etc :D

I don't know, there is a suggestion that after NY

Right!  Anyone up for a beer tomorrow?
Nothing fancy and we don't have to make hectic plans, I just want to meet up for a few beers.
I stay pretty close to the circle line, so anywhere central should work.
How about it?
Let's say 19:00, meeting at Novoslobodskaya?

If I was in the country, I'd love to. Especially as I need someone to talk about rugby with also!!!!!!!!!

Haha!  So we'll just have to meet up when you're back, then

Yes, then the 6 Nations starts soon!

Great stuff!  I even finally found a few pubs where they show it!
Gonna be good

This day got a whole lot better! See you soon!

Looking forward to it!

Soooo...Rugby's great and all, any football fans? Super Bowl is about to start :P

Hello! A very warm welcome to you all!
I'm a native russian speaker, was born and currently live in Moscow. I know how hard it sometimes to come to a place like Russia, because I have lots of foreign friends)
Anyone who needs help, support, advice, a free Russian language lesson or just a nice chat, while drinking coffee are more than welcome.
Please do not hesitate to contact me lalka89[at]

Hi Anna Pchelkina, welcome to the forum. Yesterday i was talking with my friend at work about locations in Russia. He said that he met a girl who introduced herself that she is from north. For most foreigners Russia seems to be East to West and he too couldn't understand:D

hi anyone from india

hi how r u

So...Im pretty awesome right? lmaoooooooo

totally off topic, but hey

Hey, each guy thinks that he is awesome lol

Hahahahahahaha, well said.

You know, maybe each I have met :)

Hello faisal mohd -> Can you please introduce yourself? :)

Thank you,

can you take this conversation offline please?

Hello all. :)

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Thank you,

Hi everyone,i have been in Moscow for 2 months nearly and i think it is time to get some friends here.I want to meet with new people and cultures that we may participate in many kind of activities.I also want to learn Russian ASAP. Again Hi to everyone:)


I just arrived to Moscow on Tuesday. Anyone for a drink tomorrow?

Hope to see you soon :)


I'm close to despair to find anyone, who I can speak English with. I really start to think that every english speaker hidden somewhere. If you want to help me with english (really I need only speaking skills) I'll be very happy. Of course it won't be a one-way street case. My skype: mila..po,

Hi Milla! I will be coming to Moscow in August and woul love to help you, if you can wait that long? :-)

Hello Livimae:) Ok, I'll be glad to meet you here in Moscow and with pleasure show you this lovely city with the awful weather :))) just contact me via Skype.

Hey, I'm from Albania. I would like to meet new friends :D

Ironic, how there's so many English speakers and you cant find any :P

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hi everyone, I'm new one and quite old concerning mixing with expats. To refresh this topic here's a tested idea: in 90s expats mixed at "wine club" by certain embassy, as well as at club receptions or closed parties promoted by English press. These days I am in a different domain, but someone in FM radio DJ domain could arrange a talk show live on the air where all of us will come to and contribute a word. It'll be the starting point.

Hello > the topic of this discussion is "How to make friends in Moscow". Thank you.

Most likely, one makes friends while bound by a common cause, rather than having a boose together. One forgets a companion of a yesterday;s party whereas gets enticed to a fellow co-worker. Is this on the topic or off? I'll expand if yes. Thanks


I am currently living in Karachi, Pakistan, and have been to London, United Kingdom for 2 years, I have completed my studies from there, and have visited Sri Lanka and UAE as well, now I am travelling to Moscow on 20th of this month.
Can we meet there in Moscow, if you dont mind then give me your contact number please.



Ayaz Khan

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