Who's planning a trip to Moscow?

Who's planning a trip to Moscow?

Hello I am Scottish and coming to Moscow for the World Cup ...I have been allocated 2 tickets for 2 matches in Moscow so far!
I am really looking forward to it especially as most of the competin teams are known!
Do you support CSK or Spartak?
My hotel and flights are already booked...I am travelling solo and may need some help as I don't speak Russian!....keep in contact
thanks Jimmy

maltsevalexey95 :

Who's planning a trip to Moscow?


Perhaps you could introduce yourself?  How can we help you here?

Romaniac Experts Team

Thanks Romaniac

+1 except that I’m going for the Egyptian team, will be staying in Moscow though

That's cool! Actually, I'm not into football, but I like watching it sometimes. If you need any help in Moscow I'd be happy to help. Maybe I will go to the world cup myself.  I'm sure it'll be cool! But I haven't bought any tickets yet.

Hi Maltsevalexey95,

That is wonderful you are coming to Moscow. You can find lots of interesing things here. There lots of museums and galleries.

I am an Indian.want to travel in Moscow and st Petersburg on 21 to 24 the of may ,2018.
Could u provided me invitation letter?
And could u tell me cheap hostel on that days.

@anouam4bubai > i don't think anyone will provide an invitation letter to someone found on the internet!

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