How to make friends in Moscow

I move to Moscow the second week of February.

I would like to hit the ground running, straight into the bosom of a lively crowd; only ONE problem... my days off are Tuesday and Wednesday :( (the lowly life of a Governess, you know)

Do I stand a chance?

Btw... I can't send/reply messages yet. Feel free to email me: **** :)

Hey Guys! I'm a new one in Moscow. will be glad to find new friends! I'm from Malta. Please, write me someoneXDD


Hi Susan ! Welcome to Moscow. Will be glad to see you over a cup of coffee

Hi everyone! I live in Moscow and love meeting people from around the world. So if you need help getting around or just want to hang out in the new city, let me know! :)

Hi !,
How are you?
Cant take me out in moscow?

Hi every one! I will be glad to show you Moscow so we can talk and I can improve my English. Please write me so we can meet and have a cup of coffee. :)

I'm visiting Moscow soon
Where shall I stay?

I'm visiting Russia 1st time very soon
I need help with hotel location nearby atmospheric restaraunts
Thank u

hi .my name is Mostafa a traveler and will be in moscow in Aug. may i see you there/ thanks :)

Hi there. If you need a guide and a new friend in Moscow, you arewelcome.

Hello Manu85

If you are a guide, could you please register yourself in our business directory?

>> Tourist Guide in Moscow <<


Hey guys. Anybody there ?
I need a friend from moscow
I'll be there on 6 october morning. And I'm staying at sherston hotel.

Hi. I do.
Can we be friends ?

Hello. I hope we can be friends in Moscow

I met a Russian girl 2 months ago in Basel. She stayed till last Sunday and go back to Moscow. Since Monday I don't have any contact with her. How could be difficult for me to find her in Moscow ? It's possible that she has some problems with some organization.

Hi. I'm a Russian girl, who is seeking for friends. Let's chat with you.


I'm looking for others who speak Eng who have spare time on Mondays

Hello everybody-guy from sunny Mavriki;)))

Hi there guys.
I am a Russian guy.
I do speak good English ( I am a 2nd year SFU student, Canada).
I took a semester break , and need to continue my English Talks.
Looking for a foreigner ( let's be friends dudes!)  in Moscow to meet with and do some activities and exchange language.
E-mail me plz : anted1203[at]

Hi there :)


I'll be in Moscow in the beginning of Feb. and I'd like to meet a girl who can speak English.

Actually, I don't have friends there and I'll stay in a hotel.

hope to hear from u soon.

Why last year was so less messages in this theme??? Not so much people are now active here?
How to make friendship in Moscow?? Answer  dont know even russians. Because megapolis make people lonely.
I wish i could find friends here amoung english speaking people.Because i travel a lot, and have explorer different mentalities. But i could say, that russians in Moscow also feel very lonely. And try to find friendship, but its not so easy.Especially, difficult to find love. Its same i think, like in New York. People are not interested in what happening around. So, its not problem of russian mentality, its problem of megapolis.

Go out of Moscow, to normal Russian cities, and you will see other people,more opened.

But if you looking for friends you could contact with me. But no questions, about job and help to find you job. I am not agency. )))))


If possible be in touch.

I am missing my english speaking friends here and also want to learn russian language.

Help me in this.



I'll be in Moscow on Monday.

I'd like to meet a friend who speaks English there.

I'll be there for a holiday for 5 days.

Waiting you ...

Hi how are you?

Hi everyone! I'm Eduard, seventeen years old. Seeking for englsih-speaking friend in Moscow, without any selfish reasons or aims. I just want to find a reliable friend!!!  Peers, please, do not ignore my post :)))))

Hi, probably anticafes can be a solution. These spaces make it easy to switch from a working to a playing mood in a second. At any time you can wander over to the large-screen cinema corner, or settle down for a nap with a pillow and blanket. In anti-cafes cuddling up with outlandish pets is not only allowed – it’s free!

Hi, are you still in Moscow?


Hi all, I'll be in Moscow from August 1st for the very first time! O.o I speak very basic and limited Russian but perfect English. Therefore, if anyone would like to meet up for coffee or go out to dinner during the week I'll be visiting then please let me know. :)

I need someone to help me during my business trip to Moscow at 5th to 9th December.
Spend some time together and help me about Russian language.

Send me a PM

I want to have many friends here ti hangout  :)

hello! i'm the russian, and i'm glad to meet and help with foreginers to touch a new culture.

hello! i'm livin in Moscow and i can help you with your business tour.

Love this post:)) Well said:))

honestly don't know what's the problem... you go to a bar/pub sit at the bar desk,  ask for a menu ( In English) and look around find those who'd stare\ look with a smile at you,  focus on their drinks. Try to ask what do they drink  and whether its good or not. Buy them a drink. BOOM! you got a friend! can do  the same at any cafe/restaurant. Plus bartenders are almost always students and they have English classes at universities, so they are capable of simple drunk conversations.

And about grumpy faces.   even when I'm kinda happy my husband tells me  not to put  a Russian face on.

Of course by visiting Moscow. And I would strongly recommend having a course in some language school. From my experience, I can suggest this one /

Hi am kenny

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