I will move to Copenhagen!!! Advices needed.

Hey guys! I just registered in this form, because I can't wait to finally move to Copenhagen. To live in this beautiful town I dreamed for very long and finally I will come here next week to explore the town and find my new home! So maybe, you can offer some great tips where I should eat, what should I see or do? :) I am planning to take one of the Copenhagen tours. Something like this: What do you think? Or I just need to rent a bike and explore the city myself? I will appreciate everyone advices.

LOok at the tripadvisor forum for those advices, there are so many responds to the same questions

There gonna be many options. Try to find some new person who also came recently. Or may be just find famous spots in denmark on google, mark them and start exploring. Have you visit before or its your first time?

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