Table Tennis clubs in Copenhagen

I live in Rødovre. I would like to find a place where I can play table tennis (ping pong) in the weekends or in evenings.

Can somebody please help?


I would have believed it to be a piece of cake to help you, but it wasn’t because of not-informative homesites and broken links. I’ll therefore suggest that you contact the chairman of one of these clubs.

The local club is B77 Table tennis Club. For information, please contact the chairman Hans Schwaner, either by mail hasc[at] or by phone 28 83 03 29.
Brøndby bordtennisclub is another possibility:
The chairman is Per Madsen. You can contact him by mail per[at] or by phone 21 81 50 95


I'm visiting Copenhagen for a week and will be staying near center Blvd 2300 kobenhavn s. Looking for a table tennis club to play

I take that this will be what you are looking for if you have a partner.
The website is also in English, but here I look in vain for information about table tennis.

A couple of clubs (where you might contact the chairman in advance?):

And finally the local communicty centre on Vesterbro which might be of interest for you also in other connections. There are table tennis tournaments every Monday.

Happy leisure time in Copenhagen

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