Saudi Work Visa Medical


I will be moving to Madina to start a teacher of science job in August hopefully. I have to hand in my resignation for my current job at the end of May which is before I apply for my work visa so it is obviously vital I get this decision right.

Looking through the medical requirements for the medical test I am sure I don't have any of the conditions they check for.

My one concern is the eye test. In one eye I am legally blind and in the other eye I have average 6/12 vision. Could this be a reason for my work visa to be denied? My vision has never been a problem for me to carry out my daily tasks and I am therefore able to work as a Teacher here in London.

Any answers based on experience would be most welcome.


P.S. I have phoned up a few providers of medical visas for SA and they have told me it should not be a problem but I am not sure if that is just because they want me to pay the rather expensive fees to have the visa application submitted or they are being genuinely honest.

Don't think eyesight is a major issue here!

again with this???

I am sorry for being so persistent with this. I am moving with my young family and giving up a stable job here in London. The last thing I would want to happen is to be told in Madina that I have to return to London as my eyesight is not adequate.
Apparently they do not even check eyesight for the iqama in Saudi Arabia so heres hoping I will be fine.

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