Hi there,

I will be in Da Nang for an IronMan Event from 2nd to 8th of May. Would there be anyone there around that time, we can meet up for a chat over coffee or tea.


I will travel in VN, including Danang.  I have no skill in instrument of music, but I like to meet new friend who likes to tour and likes to have friend in a long term.

Sounds good. I hope by then we can gather up with many more ppl. The môre the merrier.

Well, Where are you heading from?. We are going to Da Nang for organizing an event so i guess i can only have time in some evenings. We can meet around that time.

I will be in Danang. Nice to meet up for a coffee or a beer

nostop92,  hello, now you stay in Danang or any other

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