Norway is in a spot of bother

Norwegian birth rate decreases for seventh consecutive year

Birth rates in Norway have decreased for the seventh year in a row. Social pressure is causing women to wait longer and longer before starting families, says one expert.

Birth rates of 2.1 per woman are needed to keep population numbers constant. In Norway, the figure is now down to 1.71, having dropped every year since 2009.

The average age of first-time parents of both genders is also increasing, according to figures released by Statistics Norway.

Source: The Local Norway

So what?
Noway's birth rate of 1.7 per woman is above EU average and also above Eastern Europe, China and many developed countries in Asia - see … ility_rate
The world's least fertile places are Macau, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea at around 1.2.

In my opinion, a spot of bother are the most fertile places, which happen to also be poor, chaotic and not giving these kids a fair chance in life: Niger, Chad, South Sudan, DR Congo and many other African nations are above 5 kids per woman!

Beppi, you had me at "Noway."

cccmedia :

Beppi, you had me at "Noway."

Reading that reply. just gave to me, my heartiest laugh of today. Thank you, sir.:top:

cccmedia :

Beppi, you had me at "Noway."

'Noway' probably explains the lower birth rate.

Maybe because women there are joining the military instead of raising families: … ay-n746041

Am very happy that a Norwegian woman can protect me AND give me kids. I have five kids, makes me look like a rabbit I guess...

Torewest :

I have five kids, makes me look like a rabbit I guess...

According to my post above, they aren't called rabbits, but Nigerians, Chadians, Sudanese, Congolese, etc.

You are clearly a No-wegian.

No Way!

No comment!

The planet is overpopulated anyhow

Yeah, sure,  and Norway is huge contributor to over-population factor, eh? :whistle:

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