Transferring money in and out of Cambodia

Hello all - any long term expat residents of Cambodia who can help me with some info.  If I wish to send a money transfer from a British or Spanish bank to a Cambodian Bank OR - and this seems to be the more complicated matter - transfer money FROM a Cambodian bank to a European bank - which services or money transfer procedures would you recommend?

For example, I use Transferwise for UK - International, and vice versa but Cambodia isn't as yet registered with Transferwise.


I guess it depends on how much you wish to transfer.  If below $1k, I suggest to use Western Union or similar services.  If more than $1k, you can TT via banks such as ANZ Royal.

However, the best option is to exchange money with Cambodians who need money to pay for tuition fees overseas.  That means you will need to have local contacts.

There are many options available to you but personally i would recommend either using WORLD REMIT for hassle free transfers or better still sign up with and transfer unlimited amounts anywhere in the world with no questions asked!

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