joining gym

Hi, what are your thoughts on gym membership in Dammam it safe to join and train alone?
any recommended gyms?
looked at fitness first and fitness time so far?

really enjoy swimming so a good pool is a definite.

thanks for any information

Hiya mate - first of all welcome to Dammam!

Not sure why joining a gym would seem unsafe to you? Apologies, but i could not gauge whether you're a gent or a lady through your post nor your profile, but regardless now there are separate gyms for ladies, as well.

Both, Fitness First and Fitness Time are great, and have a lovely pool. Though they are slightly pricey, but really clean with modern machines.

I personally go to Power Gym, because of its proximity to my place; and it doesn't put a huge dent to my pocket. It has a pool too.

So, happy workout and swimming! And enjoy your time here! All the best for the transition.

Have a lovely day!


thank you...very helpful...prices look in the region of £80 per is expensive but in UK it`s about £20 a bottle of wine in a restaurant and I wont be doing that so it seems cheap now haha!!

hehehe..... that's a good way of putting things into perspective:)

And give me a shout if you ever want to go and check out 'Power Gym', yeah.

Good luck again!

Enjoy the weekend.


Hi, will the power gym allow me to pay per session or maybe per week as I am on a 6 week Dammam/3 weeks UK rotation and paying upfront for 6 months means a lot of wasted money...also, how is the pool in Power gym?


Hiya - hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Yes, they can always customize the payment packages for you, similar to what i got done.

The pool is pretty decent, its not as huge or well maintained as Fitness Time or Fitness First; but it should do the trick.

thanks  :thanks:

Hi my house is almost in front of power gym. Is there any filipino instructor there? Or can you give me aN idea how much will it cost if you want to have a personal trainer?  I also want to go to the gym but I need a personal trainer because I don't have an idea about weight lifting etc.

Hi KarlstarC - the power gym i go to, unfortunately does not have any filipino trainers. But the trainers there are pretty helpful. Not too sure about dedicated training, because they draft out a whole weekly / monthly plan for you according to your goals.

I signed up for a package that cost me SAR 1,000/- for 6 months

Hope this helps. Good luck!

It helps me. Thanks. If that so then I'll consider my self to sign up there but maybe next month or June.  I need to prepare my self since I lost to much pounds. I actually need to gain my weight and that's my goal.

I used to go to fitness time in dammam and I Temer seeing one Filipino trainer but fitness time is very expensive. Currently I go for a 6 km walk on the kournish infront of marina mall. Very nice and refreshing

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