More expats around viborg or aars/aalestrup

I am in aalestrup for about 3 months now desperately need some new people in my live. Being home all day with 2 kids make me go crazy.

So if their are more people who want to hang around pls let me know … and_Viborg … 0368600208

What about contacting the Red Cross about doing voluntary job, e.g. in their second-hand shops? It might open other doors for you.

Posting a bill on the billboards in the super markets?

If one of your children is between 2 and 8 months, you and your children can join the baby hymn group at Aalestrup kirke. Not a missionary, but a social activity.


I can very easily put myself in your place. I think all parents with kids can do so.

It is said that dogs and kids are the very best to get in contact with other people.

Libraries often offer arrangements for kids. I think below arrangement might be a good idea to join as it is also followed by a meal which means that there will be time for you and the kids to talk to the others. … n-lille-ny

This is an old link, but you could ask the commune if they have similar arrangements which could be relevant for you and your kids. If not, ask for ideas what to doing. … caf%C3%A9/


I can start doing those things When at least the oldest starts on barnehaven. But have some problems getting cpr. Every time we go to Aalborg their are other papers we need. Now still waiting for translation about the guardianship of my oldest. Her father and I split up when she was 1 year so. My Danish partner is not her father..

Been to the barnehaven already a few times, they said they will keep her spot open but I think getting in the real social life already would help with bringing her their every day. I could start on really getting into things. The liberay thing is really nice but can I attend also with the other kid because she is only 1 year :) I life across the library of aalestrup so it's not far away.

I am sure nobody will mind your taking along both kids to the library.

Today, I was at Hillerød's library. I saw a table with papers, pencils etc. where children could just sit down and sketch. Two mothers sat at the table with their kids. Maybe, your local library offers the same. Maybe an opportunity to meet other mothers and children?

Another possibility:
I am sure that you will be much welcomed.


Can not open the link directly, btw Nellie from what area are you around ?

If you cannot open it directly, just copy the link and then insert it in the browser.

Another way round:

What about the neighbours? I think of inviting them in for a cup of tea/coffe. Tell them that you would like to hear them tell you about Aalestrup and ask them if they have any suggestions how you can learn the town better to know. Activities for you and the kids, voluntary jobs, jobs. Even if they are not of your age, a good neighbourlyness is always nice. People will always be happy to help if they are asked.

Spring is quite near, and it will make things easier for you. There will be more people outside, and the chances for meeting other people therefore bigger.

I hope you will soon get your cpr.number as this is a prerequisite for your participation in the free language courses.

Best wishes,

PS: I live In North Zealand, 10 km from Hillerød.

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