Hi, I'm new to Thailand, but not to Expat-hood

Hi, everyone. I've been in Chiangmai for a week and very fortunate to have met some expats both at my hostel and at a local pub trivia.
I've lived long-term in (Nanchang) China and short-term in Seoul, Hong Kong, Macau (and also Wuhan, Hanzhou, Jingdezhen and Zhuhai.) I've visited a dozen other cities, namely...well I don't remember them all.
I've been to Thailand for two weeks on a work conference (in 2009) and stayed in Chiang Mai. It's very nice to be back here, where it's just as friendly, hot and peaceful as I remember.

I've found, as a career expat, that maintaining supportive social connections is an essential part of success. Especially since my day job is 90% face-to-face with children and screens, it's important to talk to adults and have fun in order to continue doing a good job.

So, can't wait to meet all of you cool folks here.

Welcome Rachael! Are you a teacher in Mai?

Good guess. I'm a teacher in Lopburi, but I was recommended to come up here to CM until the new term starts.

Hey welcome, is your work geared to Locals, and expat. Or just locals, or just expats. I will be running the expat ladies luncheon here. If this group of people might help you let me know.

Oh, Hi. My work is geared towards locals.

There are lots of events coming up that you might be interested in if you are looking to meet some locals. Actually there is one this Saturday and I thought I would share it here as well. It's a wine pairing event and the details are in the events section. Feel free to message me for more info.

Kind Regards,
Jerry Ambrose

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