Any musicians in Chiang Mai???

Hey There,

I plan to be living in Chiang Mai no later than Jan 2017. I currently have a full studio in my house for writing and recording music. I am interested to know if there are any current expats looking to start a band. I might sell some of my stuff or bring it with me if there are people that could use it with me. I have a pearl drum set, guitars, a bass, ukulele, bongos, microphones and so many other toys. I am moving to Chiang Mai with the intent of spending a good amount of time making and performing music and I'd love to start something.

Here is what I listen too (or at least some examples)

- The Beatles
- The Dear Hunter
- City and Colour
- The weepies
- Nujabes
- Various Jazzy Hip hop

I am a singer and guitar player mainly. I can noodle on just about anything though.

If we can make money great, if not great. I just want to make music.


excellent choice, Chiangmai is a city for artists to live happily.

Hey Ted was happy to read your post. I am a musician who has recently come to live in Chiang Mai, and while i am not much of a performer I have my own studio here and love the creativity that being here offers me. Mind you i have scaled down a lot since leaving my home town of Newcastle in Australia. I brought with me my Arturia Keylab 61 midi keyboard, my Tannoy Reveal 601A studio monitors and my desktop computer, weighing in at around 50kgs for the lot.  I am having my parents bring a semi-acoustic guitar with them when they visit here in January.

My "style" of playing varies a lot but i am predominantly into ambient electronic music, whether it be chilled beats or more free-form experimental piano instrumentals. I love deep house and occasionally branch off into this area.

It sounds like you have a lot of gear! I'm not sure whether you want to bring it all with you but if you do just know that there is at least one willing collaborator here.

I have only been here a little over a week myself so i have no further in depth information about what the scene is like here. From previous month-long holidays during peak season i have seen many bands, performing both covers and live music, and i have visited the North Gate jazz venue once, which blew me away.

Feel free to reach out when you land. My email is crystallinesounds[at]

And congrats on your decision to move. It is a great lifestyle here and quite inspirational for creative-type people like us.

Hi Ted,
Glad to hear you are coming to Chiang Mai, I am a drummer played with many bands for lots of years, sold all my drum sets, vintage Ludwigs and and a few great DWs sets back in Southern California. I have been living in Chiang Mai for a couple of years now and miss playing music a lot. I was a co-founder of my last band The Rock Kings played around Ventura restaurants and bars for awhile then moved here for good with my wife. I love to play different genres, from Classic rocks to Latin. I hope we have a chance to get together and play when you get here and go from there,

Hey Ted,
My email is xxx

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Very Interesting to hear guys,
I too am originally from Newcastle, Australia.
I'm a singer/songwriter and have had my 15 mins of fame so to speak (Blackfeather - can be googled)
Was just in Chiang Mai in October and moving there in 2018.
Still performing and writing in OZ, and will be bringing as much gear as practicable.
I also have a home recording set up but may up-grade when there?
I noticed several good PA's while there so feel they can be easily accessed, but will bring my guitars and amp.
Nice to know there will be a few muso expats around


Hey all!  I am a mature (61y.o.) semi retired credentialed professional drummer, currently living in Las Vegas.  I am considering moving to either Chiang Mai or Saigon/HoChiMinh City. 
Is it possible to earn enough income to live on playing music in Chiang Mai?  I play a very wide range and variety of styles, but specialize in Blues, Jazz, r'n'b/soul, and acoustic styles.  I can also teach drums.  Any info or advice would be sincerely appreciated...

Hi Andrew. It has been almost 6 months since my previous post and i have learned much in that time. It is unfortunate however it is not possible to earn money here as a musician if you are not a Thai local. While there are examples of "western" musicians and bands playing around, it is only occasionally and they would not be doing so as a paid gig. This would be frowned upon and seen as an act that deprives local Thais from earning an income themselves. 

Living here has proven to be a blessing but if your primary motive is to sustain yourself through paid work as a muso then i would reconsider. This is just my personal observation and so i hope you do more research on the topic.

Best of luck with your choice.

Hi guys, I'm new here. I consider moving to Thailand. I'm 29 (turning 30 this year) and have nothing left here in Croatia only tons of headaches and heartaches. I'm a professional Opera singer but I'm ready to hang down that job to live my dream. I write my own music and am working on my first demo cd. I'm trying to find out how to make a life as an artist (indie) in Thailand. I heard the music scene is awesome and I'd love to meet some ppl who'd be ready to start a band, do some recording and perform music. I'm really into anything but mostly into Classic/progressive/Indie/Hard/Heavy rock with a huge influence in Blues, soul and funk. I'm a singer songwriter who writes his own music and arrangements. I play the guitar and drums yet work out best as a singer. I'm highly dependable, stable, highly professional and very down to earth. I'm arriving early June and would like to know if there's anybody who'd like to get together seriously and perform music and try to sell it to a indie label. I heard Chang Mai is way cheaper than Bangkok. How is it with work and labels though?! I'm ready to work and do anything so I can sing (even covers in a bar) if I can have a "decent living" for a while. I have travelled over 20 yountries but have never been to Asia and I'm highly considering moving there. I have nothing in life left except music. Please help, only serious answers!!!

I am living in Chiang Mai until June. I am a drummer, and I would love to play some music, just for fun or form a band.
I like to play almost every genre, but mostly rock, and funk.
BTW is there any cheap place where one can practice drums?
Hope to hear from you!

Hey Ted,

Im, Mac from London, Moved to Chiang Mai in 2015. Im working in renewable energy doing solar system installations and met so many people.

Basically the guys i knock around with are musicians and have contacts with different types of bands as well, We also have a good friend who has a recording studio in Chiang Mai (10km out of town), you can record songs, play drums or even make beats, it's well worth a visit as the owner is Mexicanand they have Americans, Dutch,Thai's. Basically they are multi culture people, who are  always welcoming new talents, to top it off, there is a lovely bar above the studio (only bar in town which has no lady boys or desperate bar girls nagging for free drinks,lol).

You will find me there most days. Its Pop Rivets Pub & Beer Garden … 2743?hl=en

Feel free to send me a email or my Line ID is:   xxx

Speak soon Ted.

TC bud

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Hi Mac,

Lenny here from California, its nice to know there is a studio so close to where I live on the 121 ring road. I will definitely go check it out, meet some people and play some drums next week when I am back form Bkk. I hope to run into you sometime, thanks for the post.

Lenny Lam

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Hy everybody,

I'm french so sorry for my bad level in english first !

I apply for a "work and study" in chiang mai, i have an interviewwith the company via skype on tuesday, we will talk about the job, and the city... If this is ok, i come on July 2017 to work and study english and Thai.

I'm a singer, so i was interesting by this post. Glad to see that there's an interesting life in Chiang mai.

So i continue to read this conversation in the case of i can come in Chiang mai.


Thank you, Kirk Lea.

It's wise to do your homework regarding work options in Thailand.

Hi All,

Just want to pick your brains regarding live entertainment for a new restaurant. Husband and I just relocated here and opened a new restaurant in Nimman. Venue is big (including a rooftop bar area) and as business is really slow, we are thinking that perhaps we can provide a place for musicians to come together and play. Is this something workable that mutually benefits both parties? The restaurant is surrounded by residential apartments and thus the music cannot be too loud if we are not wrong. Thoughts please .... and PM me if anybody is interested to view the restaurant etc.


One thing I'm afraid of missing when I relocate to Thailand is classical music. I know that Payap University has a concert coming up soon.


Good to meet you all. My name is Maurice, 58, originally from France, but lived an expat life since 1985. Studied Chinese Medicine in Westminster Uni (London, U.K) and practised for the last 25 years. Also a translator and a writer. I have lived in Chiang Mai for the last 9 years. Currently living about 10 k out of town off the 118 (opposite Tweechol Horizon).

I play the guitar and some flute... I like to play anything from Steely Dan to Hendrix. written lots of songs of varying genres, from Jazz, bossa, pop, rock, and so on... I have a small home computer studio running Cubase and lots of plugins should anyone want to record some backing tracks... 

I am looking for people interested in meeting up for fun and regular jamming.

Hi All, my name is Ric, and I will move in Chiang Mai (from Bangkok) for my main job at the end of September: I am a bassist with 35 years of experience, mostly playing electric-jazz and progressive-rock: I would like to join some band, or build a new one: anybody interested?    ☺

It will be a while before I can live  and retire in Chiang Mai (4 1/2 years) but I am a guitarist currently playing in a band here in Australia, Northern NSW. I'd love to connect with any musicians when I make one of my visits there. We play all covers from The Beatles to Hendrix to Van Morrison. I'll be back 29th September 2017. I'd love to meet up with any musicians for a coffee. My email is .. and I plan to live in Mae Rim. I am only there for a week this time around.

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Hi all,
We have a grunge/metal/punk/prog/whatever rock band. Just two of us as it's hard to find younger (30s) members out here. We recorded a demo this year and have several more songs ready to go, but still haven't been able to find a bassist or second/lead guitarist.

Our influences are something like Beatles, Led Zep, King Crimson, Tool, Police, System of a Down, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle... and a whole bunch of other stuff you may or may not have heard of. Anyone out there in their twenties or thirties that might be interested? Send me a PM so we can talk further. Cheers,

Hi Ted

My name is Raymond Kielhorn.  I plan to retire to Chiang Mai in March of 2018.  I currently play drums in an Classic Rock Band.  I would definitely be interested in starting a band.

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