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Hi everyone,

I am currently offerred a position at the University of Bahrain as an assistant professor. I have three questions in mind:

1) Is it currently safe to work in Bahrain?
2) would 1500 BD as a salary be enough to live in Bahrain? (accomodation, health insurance, travel allowances will be provided).
3) for those who are in the same kind of position, what is your advice for working in Bahrain?

As I realize there are similar questions asked before but outdated so that I ask again.

Thanks for your help in advance.


1)It's very safe to live in Bahrain.

2) Expenses are shooting in Bahrain,
like all  countries in the region. However, 1500 is okay but it depends on your life style and, most importantly, on schooling if you have kids.  UoB gives you 1600 for two kids, but you need to pay  almost double this amount if you are after high quality of education.

3) It depends on where you come from.  From Western uni's? Don't put high expectations.

Best of luck,

Dear Haloola,

Thank you very much.

Hi dear,

I am also in the process of exploring an assistant prof position in Engineering field in Bahrain. Could you please share some first hand information on lum sum or detailed offer one should expect with PhD from europe and postdoc experience of 2+ years. Any personal experiences? Thanks in advance !

Hi ,

It depends on the university (private or Bahrain University). I recommend that you read the contract and if you have any questions, we will be here to answer.

best of luck,

Hi Haloola,

Thanks a lot for prompt reply.
I am seeking position at university of Bahrain (UOB).
I have not received an offer yet, however, I wanted to have an idea on what should I expect; just to compare with other in-hand offers.
Thanks a lot.

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