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We're here on a visa de sejour for 1 year. Its 5 weeks since we sent documents but no notification of receipt. Have emailed but no response and can't get through by phone.  Is this normal? Wouldn't worry so much but we'll  be away a lot in next 6 weeks  and this has to be finalised by 3 months. Any have experience?

I think it is completely normal. I am here on a student visa, visa long stay "title de sejour." I arrived Sept 26th and I just finalized my paperwork two weeks ago. Nobody at my school seemed to think it was unusual.

I think I received a "receipt" from OFII after two or three months. They definitely don't seem to care about that requirement about having to finish it in your first 3 months.

Hi. I am also waiting for ofii. I received the 'receipt" from them dec 9 but upto now they havent call me for the next step yet.

Hi rjc89, do u have idea about healthcard here?

Hi rhealejeune, I assume you are talking about the Carte Vitale. You can obtain the Carte Vitale if you submit to your health insurance some documents, usually including a RECENT birth certificate and some other identity documents. I tried to use my birth certificate from the year I was born and it didn't work. I am a US citizen so it may be different, I don't know where you are from, but they also require a stamp, which they call an APOSTILLE. This apostille has to be stamped onto your birth certificate by the government of the country where you come from, possible by the mayor or another government official in the town where you were born. AFTER you've obtained the new birth certificate WITH the apostille, you have to pay to get it translated into French by an OFFICIAL translator. Search the Internet for a list of their official translators, I'm sorry but I seem to have forgotten where the website is.

If this sounds complicated, I agree wholeheartedly. I did not successfully get my Carte Vitale so I can't help much more. I hope that helps.

I just got my vignette (in Montpellier, don't know if that's different), and posted my timeline and day's events here: … eline.html

I have definitely heard of others taking a long time (well past the three months), but 5 months with no acknowledgement seems like a long time. Can you "drop by" your OFII, or is it too far? If so, aim for the morning or mid-afternoon. At 1:30, the Montpellier office opened, but only let in those of us with appointments. Later in the afternoon, it's possible that they could talk to you. I would guess tho that morning would be better.
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I would advise a visit to the ofii.  We visited them after no response for a few months and our documentation had been lost. 
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