Married to a French man

My husband and I got married here in the US. He is now back home in France and I really want to join him. But I am getting so overwhelmed with the requirements and laws involved. Please tell me this is easier than it seems?!  And do you recommend any sites? I was thinking I would need to apply for the long stay visa to start-while I am here in the US. Is this correct and is it costly? Can I apply for it once I am in France or is that not wise?
Please help me....feeling so defeated in fulfilling our love story.
Thank you in Andvance

If you got married in the States you need to get married in France too.  If I were you I would get your fiancé visa from the US. You must go to the French Embassy closest to where you are living there.  There's lots of info on their website.  The other option is to come to France , marry within 3 months of your tourist visa. The catch here is that they want proof of living together for 6 mos in France at the prefecture.   So with that being said it would be easier to get your one year fiancé visa in the States before coming back here in France.  You will be able to relax atleast and be able to  fulfill all the marriage documents  you need to marry in France.  By the way that is another story on its own.  If you want help message me and I can tell you what you need.  Let me save you the headache I went through .  Don't get discouraged! It takes  patience and can be done .  Look on line at French Embassy and make an appointment with them asap! Then you can join your hubby .  Good luck

First, you do not have to re-marry in France. My French husband and I married in the states, and now live in France.
If not already done, get your husband to register your marriage in France, and add it to his (now your also) livret de famille. You do this via the consulate that covers the place where you got married.
Yes, apply for the long stay visa, joining a family member / spouse of a French National. The application fee is waived, but the OFII fee once you arrive in France is not (something like 275€). I went through the consulate in San Francisco; you will need to go through your consulate, and the requirements may be different. The application form is the same tho.
You can't apply for your visa in France.
Here are posts about my experience: … -visa.html … pdate.html

Thank u! So he is taking our California marriage license to have it registered in that the first step. Do I need to have income proof for long stay visa ?

Awesome! What proofs do I need to bring with me to the SanFran office

Re Your California marriage certificate - we simply registered it via the SF consulate (yours too, I see, assuming you were married in NorCal). I'm not sure what difference there is in taking it to France. They may actually tell you to register via SF, because that's where you married.
Re income proof - they don't care. You are married to a French National. I took bank statements, etc., But they didn't want them.... (See my post for details)

Take exactly what is on their list: … rticle2705
AND Get travel insurance for 3 months (it's indicated elsewhere for everyone - again, see my post)
BTW - it's not obvious, but the visa you get allows you to work in France, and immediately get on the health coverage system.

SF consulate folks are very nice! And keep in mind that they want you to immigrate to France!

That's great and easy ! My friend had to marry here in France too!  How lucky for you that you didn't have to !

Olive - that sounds awful! And frustrating...
I'd love to hear the details (although not necessarily on this thread) - it's a minefield out there for so many.

It's not on this thread however you answered a question and I was just mentioning what someone else went through. It's not a conversation I'm bringing up. Thanks

Gotcha, makes sense

your husband doesnt need to register your marriage in France,
when he got married, he had get to ambassy to get things done, maybe a bachelor or divorce certificate then the ambassy through the city hall he lives in, published the "bancs" for 3 weeks, means the marriage is already resgistered to the city hall.

so you re only problem is to get a visa...
then for US citizens ivsa are not required if the stay is less than 3 u take your plane, go to france, and get the long term visa done in france.
for that you go to the prefecture, of the department where your husband lives.

you see, it s extremly simple, you just need time depending on the location, in paris, queuing takes hours :)

Hello everyone, I  am sneha. I have a bit of similar situation like the lady mentioned above. I am married to an irish man and I am a Mauritian lady. We want to move to France for a while( more than 3 months)

The thing is that I have enquired at the Prefecture in France regarding about documents needed and if I need a visa as the spouse of an  Eu citizen before coming to France.

They said that I have to look for  a spouse visa from Mauritius then come there and proceed the paperwork.
But the thing here is that when I have checked with the French embassy in Mauritius,they are telling me I dont require a visa to go to France as Mauritius is part of the schegen zone.

I would really like someone to help me and give me any useful information about this situation.Can I travel as a visitor then  do the paperwork there?

Please advise me how I must proceed.

Thank you very much in advance ;)

Hi sneha, this looks like it applies to you and your situation (it sounds like they meant that Ireland is part of Schengen, not Mauritius): … dex_en.htm
Also, here's a quote from another website
"Family member of a EU citizen needs to obtain only the "entry" visa to France in order to settle in France. If your nationaility does not require to apply for a short term stay visa for the Schengen Area, you do not need a long term stay visa for France." ~~~ … n#european
Note that because your spouse is EU but not French, it is actually easier for you! Once you have an address in France, just go to your préfecture there and get your long-stay visa.

Thank you Julie H.
Yes I have actually already went through the Europa guidance.

I was only a bit confused about the situation.

And thank you again for helping me out.

You're very welcome, Sneha! Good luck!

Thank u so much Ur our plan is for me and my 3 kids to move next summer !! Who do u recommend for insurance?? And how far in advance should I apply for our long stay visas...and do I need to purchase plane tickets before then?

Hello everyone,
I am Nepali  married to a french man. And we are living in Nepal for the last 9 years. We are planning to move to france this year.
What visa Do i have to apply for to move to france?

you need to apply for a 'long stay ' visa or long séjour in french.
you apply at the consulate or embassy.
here is a french link … t-etranger

meghannrobbe :

Thank u so much Ur our plan is for me and my 3 kids to move next summer !! Who do u recommend for insurance?? And how far in advance should I apply for our long stay visas...and do I need to purchase plane tickets before then?

you re married to a french, so you do nt need a plane can go to France without anything for 3 months, if you plan to stay longer you need a long stay visa, you can apply for it in France or in your country at embassy or consulate.

Thank you for the information.

Do u know if my children need seperate long stay visa appts??

Don t they have dual nationality?
if so, they re french ;) they don t need anything.

if not … -en-France
i m sorry it s in french...
your husband should help you about it.

Bonjour bratche,
Will i be able to work in France with the long sejour visa while staying in France?

no, it doesnt allow you to work
but you re married to a french, so it s different.
i m not aware of new laws now,
20 years ago,
the spouse had to apply for a resident visa, renewable after one year, then good for 10 years, as resident, you can just do anything...there was some test to pass, like health exam and a kind of information course, took only one day.
that was all.
i know many things changed because of mass illegal immigrees, but as a spouse of a french, i dont think it s much different, you might have to take up french courses though, for that the best thing is to go to city hall, they would provide you list of available courses, free or not, it s a good way to make friends after such a big move far from your family  :)

Merci Bretche,
If any informations needed, hope you will be there.


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