Looking for an English teacher job in Cairo

In the past months I have been uploading CVs to numerous schools in Cairo for an English teacher or English teacher assistant/ special needs education English teacher and I haven`t had much luck. I was wondering if anybody has any tips or maybe suggestions?

I think u should probably go to schools directly your chance will be more efficient and if u need more info u welcome to ask me

Shukran gidden. Momentarily I live in my home country, but luckily I am visiting Egypt soon and I will go to the schools personally.

U r welcome hope u enjoy your time and welcome for any inquiries

Hello everyone,

@andrahanca, welcome to

Have you drop a detailed resume under the Jobs in Cairo section yet ? It might help increase your chances.

Good luck


Hello dear :)
Can I have English private lessons with you ? :)

indeed personal meeting (interview) will be more efficient and have better chance, specially to start work in Egypt

thank you !

Hello andrahanca.
I Want to Take Private a Conversation English Course . i live in nasr city cairo . can you do that ?
Thank You.

just you need to bring copy of your resume or contact physically with school to write application, but my advice most of schools open hiring for candidates in june .
only looking for international schools they prefer foreigners and suitable for you.
you can easily negotiate for wage , also you can find better schools in cairo- ismalia road/ 5th settlement and Heliopolis, finally when you visit egypt use internet and maps to route your destination.

Good Luck
Muhammad Goniem

Thank you very much for your answer, I`ll keep it in mind ! :)

You are welcome ;)

Thank you for that information

in our school we'll finish exams after on 15th of may and i think the same in rest schools, so you can make a tour and try to get your chance first,i can recommended better schools in cairo .
but before you take your decision come to egypt you "must" study everything about this country, because living in egypt nowadays has changed : people (became rude )rents, transportations became expensive (if you ride taxi or uber for your private trips )ask egyptions who you trust them live in there, count many considerations in your mind before, and if you come dont live alone find colleges whatever nationality (of course girls) at least to share the rent.
i haven't any ideas for now but if you want any inquiries dont hesitate to ask ;)

Thank you so much for the depth details.  If I have any questions I will ask. Thank you again.

Usually schools start hiring in May, August and December

Thank you :)

Teaching jobs in Egypt for Expats :)

I need you in a private sessions for 7 years child
contact on

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Buna, incerc sa ma conectez cu Romani in Cairo. scrie-mi daca esti interesata. Merci

@ ileana_pop > Can you please post in english on this english speaking forum?

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