looking for IT jobs in Germany in devops -cloud consultant role

Hi All

I am form India gurgaon , having 10+ years of experience in IT fields in devops- cloud consultant role.
I am looking for job in germany. Please please help to guide if I shd apply fo job seeker visa and search for a job after landing in germany or I should apply form india first. I am planning to use india coaching & consulting  services to apply for jobs from india first.

Please help me know how authentic they are  and how can i get a job , I dont hv german language knowledge , but planning to enroll for A1 level soon if things looks on positive side.


Showing some German language skills and that you put in an effort to learn and prepare yourself for a life in Germany is a MAJOR plus in the eyes of potential employers.
This, together with the fact that any job dealing with customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues or anybody else who could be German will be closed to you without language skills, means you should NOT wait until "things looks on positive side" before you start learning German - this is a pre-requisite expected from you BEFORE you apply for jobs!

Thanks a lot for your quick response beppi can you please suggest me good sites as well for online german course

I recommend you visit an in-person class, e.g. at the Goethe Institute in your country. A language cannot be learned in theory - you need practice by life interaction with others.

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