I need a job

Hellow iam jose cano. I now live in hamburg germany iam looking for work but cant seem to find one ive been working in offset printing for 23 years and also logistics and i also drive a forklift
Please help me !! Thank you

If you're non-EU citizen, have no diploma/degree or other certified skills and speak no German, you are basically unemployable here. Sorry!

I have to add something to what Beppi wrote because it is just a generalization. If you were looking to find a job and move to Germany it would be one thing. But since you are already here, and I assume with a legal situation, then there is hope. The question is what you could get? If you drive a forklift then maybe there are some jobs in a factory or construction related field where you wouldn't need so much German - although learning the language is usually the key to both finding work and socializing in nearly every country. I have zero idea how much your experience in offset printing is transferable to what is done in Germany.

You should start by registering at the local governmental unemployment office (Arbeitsamt). They can give you a run down on job offers and advice about what you can do to improve your marketability and opportunities. What jobs you can take can also be limited by your type of visa. I’m also American and married a German. Yet my initial 3 year visa limited me to my chosen profession of performer. After this, I got my unlimited residency and there were no longer restrictions on what work I could take.

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