Living in Kiev and want to meet up with people.

Hello there.

I am Atakan from Turkey. I have graduated from Urban Planning in June 2016 and do not know what to do. I have experienced to live abroad before. When I was uni, I had been in Germany for 1 year as an exchange student. It was really good experience for me to meet with new culture. Nowadays I am going to Kiev to join some volunteership projects for 2 months.

I am gonna be in Kiev till 01.04.2017 and wants to see the city, to talk with different local or foreign people. I have seen more than 8 countries and love travelling, cooking, design, architecture and photography. I wanted to live my life spontanously and for example in this summer I have worked as a chef in Turkey. I can share you some Turkish recipes etc.

If you want to see the Kiev city together or grab a coffee or may be if you want to do smt different like photography, animation, graphic design or even my subject urban design/architecture, we can meet up and share our cultures or professions.

I am so excited about going to Kiev. Because, It is something different for me. Different than Europe especially.

If you would like to meet up or just comunicate with me you can either use here(the forum), pm or e-mail ***

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im often  traveling to ukraine.  it would be nice to have some friends there  contact me  if you planning to go back  we can always try to meet upp 
take care

I also love to meet with new people. Are you still in Kiev? If you are coming again in Kiev, I would love to meet with you.

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