hello from a student in kiev who wants to make friends

Am John... A student in Kiev... I've been in Kiev for 6 months now.... i wanna make new friends.....

Hi John and welcome to Expat.com :)

How is life in Kiev?


life's been pretty good here... you are from which country? and what do you do here?

Hello bussy,

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hi  john   
im sebastian  im going to kiev now and then  we can always try to meet if you  like :)

Hi John,
I'd like to visit Kiev on coming July. It'd be good if someone whom can speak English showing me around!

Sorry I gotthis late ... you still in Kiev?

No problem... let me know asap.. I'll be available

Hi John,
We could probably exchange details through email.
My email address is ***
Looking forward to your response.
Thanks a lot, mate!

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i couldn't get your email... write me a private message

You already got many responses. I suggest you to join the Facebook group of your school or college.


  I am coming to kiev in November from USA  and trying to make friends. Please email me back on ***  I am coming in Google Kiev office for 3 months. Want to know the city better and find  friends.


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