How to obtain Certificate of Citizenship

I was born outside of Mauritius, my father is Mauritian by birth and as such I am eligible for Mauritian Citizenship by Decent.   

In order to apply for my passport I believe I first need to apply for National Identity Card as you need to provide the NID when applying for the passport.

So I am guessing that step 1 is to apply for the card which will prove my Citizenship.

But to apply for the NIC I need to provide a Certificate of Citizenship as I was not born in Mauritius.

So my question is how do I apply for this certificate and what supporting documentation do I need to provide with my application?  Can this be done remotely or must I be on the island when applying?

Thanks for any assistance.

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You'll find some answers here : … NSHIP.aspx

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Thanks but I have checked this page and whilst it offers details guidance and links to application forms for most types of scenarios it does not give any detail on how to apply for a certificate of citizenship.  The only section that deals with Citizenship by Decent is this:

A person born outside Mauritius is a citizen of Mauritius under section 20(3) and 23 of the Constitution if either of his parents is a citizen of Mauritius by birth .

The section around a Certificate of Citizenship offers some help but fails to provide details of where to send the request.

cape2211 :

Can this be done remotely or must I be on the island when applying?

Thanks for any assistance.

Have to apply "in situ and in visu" on the island. Can't apply from overseas.

You've got to get in touch with the Prime Minister's office.  The officers will guide you through the process (I list the numbers at the end of this message).

I was once called to act as 'representative' for one person in similar case as yours. He was abroad. I remember that he had to present himself at the very end of the procedures.  According to me, you can initiate procedures remotely and handle the processing - but I'm not sure of it.

Citizenship Section   - Prime Minister'sOffice.
Tel Nos:  201-3362

If your father is alive he can accompany you with evidence to the prime ministers office to get clearance before going to the NIC centre!!This is very simple procedure as my friend has two sons who came to Mauritius and ad to follow this process.  And of course, you have to be over18 years. All my children have both British and Mauritian passport and all of them had no problem with the application as I have a property and have utility bills as  another source of  evidence.  IF you do not have an address/property you can use one of your close relatives!!!!!

My mother is trying to do the same, but need a document stating date of naturalization of my late grandmother.  Still waiting a year now for this document from home affairs. #frustrating

Hi All,

Just in case no one has called the PMO yet...i was born here, my daughters in the US. This is what I was told:

-My daughters and I need to go to the PMO with all our birth certificates, and passports where they will establish that they are in fact my daughters. Since I have dual nationality, they also need my American Nationalization Certificate. Mother's maiden name needs to appear on child's birth certificate if not you will need your marriage certificate as well.

-Once they've established that my daughters are mine (approximately two days I'm told)they will give a document to go to obtain the NIC. After that my girls will be able to apply for a Mauritian passport.

I hope the above answers some of your questions!



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I would also like to obtain working/self employed permit and eventual citizenship. Can you advise the best way to succeed. I am South African, married, and would need permits for my wife and son. ( 12 years old)
Regards Dennis.

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