new in Santiago keen to make some friends

hi everyone!

Im a New Zealander and have recently moved to santiago for a year to teach English. Would be great to meet some people and make some new friends to make my stay worthwhile.  I havent meet any english speakers yet so if your  keen to hang out or do anything outdoors that gets me out of my daily routine drop me a line and let me know.

:) Chao


Welcome on Erica ;)

So, how do you find life there? Is it really easy to adapt since I am sure it is totally different from New Zealand! Don't hesitate to log back to Expat-Blog to share your expat experience.


Hey There! I'm an American and also new to Santiago. I expect to be teaching in March and will be using February to do some travel and get oriented. I'm new to this blog but I imagine i will be checking in a couple of times of week. Good luck and please pass along any useful information. Cheers


Hi All :)
I'm new to Santiago too. I'm a Canadian who, although wanting to learn spanish, is starting to miss conversation in english.

I've been here for several weeks and it'd be good just grab any sort of bebidas with my fellow expats.

Looking for buddies for some day trips too if anyone's up for it.

Erica, Brandon, what neighbourhoods are you guys in?

I'm in Las Condes.


hi Hank,

I am from Toronto - been here since December. I was in Toronto for 10 years and I loved every second of it.

Anyways, if you wanna grab a bebida let me know.

p.s. i am in Las Condes as well.

Hi cdnhitman - awesome, a fellow canadian right in the neighbourhood. Though, i guess las condes is pretty big.

Vamos - so far,i'm pretty much free on weekends - where's a good place to go?

What did you have in mind? coffee or a drink? if the former then there is a Starbucks close to my house (Cristobal Colon and americo vespucio), if you want the latter, I know more places in Vitacurra but we can find some place in Las Condes (I believe near El Golf).

I will PM you my contact info.

Hi All, I'm glad to report that cndhitman is not a serial killer. Neither am I! I swear! :)

hey guys!

Sorry havent checked this in a while, im in la florida quite far away but if you ever keen to get a beer or somethig let me know :)

hey Erica,

got your PM and message. Next 2 weekends I will be a bit busy with family stuff. Is it possible for the three of us to meet during a weekday, at night maybe.

I am not sure where Florida is but we can meet close to a metro station between florida and las condes.

Let me know

p.s. as well, i can vouch that slavingexpact is not a serial killer and actually we had a great time over beers yesterday.

Hi everyone,

I'm from Chicago, just moved to Santiago as well. I'm living in Bella Vista, would love to make some friends through here.

Will PM you all, feel free to contact me as well. My schedule is wide open so let's get together.


Hi Abi, welcome to the neighborhood!
Good to see a little snowball of expats building here :)
I'd be up for getting together - sometime this week or weekend?
So far, I'm pretty free outside of work!

So everyone,
Who's up for a Tuesday evening get together?
Looking at the Comunas map on wikipedia, it looks like Providencia might be a good central area to meet up - around one of the metro stations.

Let me know and we can work out details via PM.


i am free on tuesday night. And I agree Providencia would be a nice central area.


girlfriend and i are living in santiago.  we are here for a month kickin around.  we are up for hanging or whatever!  exploring, you name it, drop an email. jezzah[at]

tomorrow night meeting, providencia looks good. theres supposed to be a nice bar near manuel mont metro station.  liguria. takers?

Welcome on board jezzah ;)

Sorry guys, got held up coming down Cerro San Cristobal and missed you guys.

Would love to meet anyone/everyone/anytime.

- Abi

sorry guys i also got caught up at work sorry i couldnt make it another time ok

it is okay, you guys just missed on a good time, nice food and some beers...jajajaja

well is anyone doing anything on Saturday? lets organize something.

I'd be up for something, let us know what you have in mind - we play tourist, or grab drinks.

no one replied so i made plans for the night, i still have sunday morning free to play tourist....which i still havent done :)

Hey ya!

I'm moving to Santiago in september. Are you guys still around then? I'd love to have someone to show me around, and hang out, and make me feel less alone, hah.

-Karoliina from Finland

guys i am already in Santiago and find some places to hangout. just send me a private mesage, i can only go out friday and weekends now that i have a job :(

Hey - I know heaps of expats - there are plenty of things to do - drop me msg on FB/Email and will give you the lowdown for this week.

Hey! Just to let you know, i'm the same person as nickname "caca", but i found out it means something else in spanish, so i changed my profile...Just in case, if there's someone who wants to mail me!:)

Yes,,,,it was good you made the change !!! lol   Timmy

timmyc :

Yes,,,,it was good you made the change !!! lol   Timmy

I agree :D
Not only in Spanish but also in French karoliina :)

Anyway have a good day ;)

Hi Guys,

Hope all are doing good... I am new to this site and wish to make great friends here.

I stay in Santiago as well. So any one has any plans to meet up it shall be my pleasure as well to make friends.

Hi everyone!

My name is Diego and i'm Chilean, i live in Santiago and i speak Spanish, English et un peu de Français.

I work as engineeer in a big company and I would like to practice languages, also i would be glad to teach spanish in my free time and meet foreigners at the same time.

So don't hesitate and send me a PM



I am working on visiting Santiago again this year, in February late.  I am interested in meeting some professionals I am to contact, and wish to find out more about life and costs there as well as the teaching situation, and how the process is being done.
When there my limited spanish gave me clues, but outside of the hotel desk & bar, english was non-existant. But a memorable stay.

If my plans work out, and I do get to santiago early 2012, then maybe we could meet & chat over good Chilean wine.

Peter from California (usa).

I am planning to visit Chili a second time, hopefully by March.

I went there traveled around Jan 2011 and found it very pleasant.
I am from California, and the climate was just the same, pleople friendly, yet few spoke english. 

I am interested in retiring early and teaching a few years 3-5 in Chile which would be an adventure as I later settled in to retire there.

How is the teaching job going?  Did you do the I-to-I Course on line?

How would I meet someone informally or formally for an interview to teach english there?

When I arrive, I would like to meet a few folks from this ExPat post in Santiago and chat with them about their experiences there.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Coastal_Lover  ( i like the ocean  & sea shore)

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