Meeting of foreigners in Curitiba


I just joined the forum, and would like to propose a meeting for the foreigners living in Curitiba.

We would be speaking in english, so it would be just to hang out and making new friends. To go to some nice places and having a good time.

There are plenty of cool places here in Curitiba, so we could do these meetings often.

Any foreigners interested?

Just reply here or send me a message if you are, and we could schedule a meeting!

See you,

Hello I have been back in Australia now for a few years but will be back in Brazil in April this year

hi, I am Nasir. Would be join in Jan or FEb 2018, curitiba. i would like to join too.  What you do Rafeal? Student, work or business?

yes I am interested. american been living here in curitiba almost one year and yes my name is Brasilian but Im american- take care.

Great man, when do you want to meet?

Do you guys have this kind of meeting or was everything lost lol

Lol I am still up for the meeting

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