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Hi everyone ! I am just new here in this forum... anyway just wanted to know how long the DP11 processing time. I was informed last December 2016 that my employer was being called in for an interview at the Home Ministry Dept. Re my application as part of the application process.He said stage 1 is pre-approved already (im not sure if this is the DP10). Is there any chances of rejection/disapproval of my visa even if the stage 1 is approved already. And how long is the process for DP11 visa? Thanksin advance

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Wow, never heard of employer having to go for interview, thats weird. The DPs can be rejected anytime but usually in 30 days they know the decision. They meet every 2 weeks to decide cases in a committee, so if yours didnt get in this time, it will next meeting, or the next one. Depends how many people are applying for visas. Long time ago, mine was approved in 2 weeks but they took 2 months to tell me the decision. So you can get it fast or slow, it depends how many people are in the queue.

Thanks @cvco I was told y my employer last night that the delays is due to the due procedures (im not sure of this) since the immigration has a new appointed Director. So as per the agent who is in-charge with our application she said the New Immigration Director has advised to have a thorough review of all the visa application. Yes its overdue already i just hope my visa will be released this month:(

Hai sir/ madam my friend applied my dp10 visa but now one month calling is not done when i get my calling letter/visa...
My JKPD/Application number is [ EH7B219030 ] my Reference number is [ BPP/10181/EMAAN45215/1 ]  please help me

The references don't seem to work on this database. Perhaps you know if one of them is the Company Registration Number? What type of job have you been offered?  There are different databases from different types of employment.

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