New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the Italy forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Italy if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi. Everyone, this is Zar. I had heard about the expat forum but I had not given it a try, I tried it for now and I and hopeful that I will be enjoying your company .
I live and mind work in Brindisi close to Lecce.
Anyone around!

Hello am Suso I just joined the expat.
And I will like to know how it's goes.

Just arrived in Milan yesterday.  My husband and I are seniors (but young at heart) from Montreal here for six months.  He will be working; I will be enjoying getting to know the city.


My name is Beata and I´m currently living and working in Madrid.  I am considering a move to Turin and would like to connect with professionals already living there.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Anyone living in Palermo with babies or young children? Am looking to move in April with husband and baby and appreciate any advice. Also play dates welcome.


Hello Members,

I'm Louise from UK (33), and soon to be in South Italy (Salerno) from April with my Daughters (3 years old and 2 months old). I would love to meet some new people/friends, and welcome any advice on Expat Mums groups so I can meet other Mothers/children. :)


I posted on this forum a couple of days ago and I would like to know if there´s anyone that can help me with some information regarding a move to either Milano o Torino.  I´ve been living and working in Madrid, Spain, for almost 6 years and am very seriously considering a move to Italy.  I am from the US and also have a EU passport so moving around within the EU is no problem, bureaucratically speaking. 

I would appreciate getting in contact with people living in Milan and/or Torino.

Regards to all.


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I am living in Pisa alone for the last month, learning Italian before Med school.
looking forward to meet new people.

Hi everyone - I've been lucky enough to move to Abruzzo permanently a year ago, but just joined the forum today.

Would love to chat with others and hear about your experiences of living here. Ciao, Susie

Hi new to this forum too...from aussie...later this year round September  ill be moving to italy aswell...hopefully ill be italian citizen by then...ill be living in sicily initially with i need a visa to live there long term...i really have no idea how to start...and also where do i go to start procedures in bringing my husband there...any help or advice will be greatly appreciated...thankyou

Hey all,

New to this forum. I’m a US art student, currently  taking couple of long-term courses in 2 art academies in Florence and  hoping to get this fall into a 3-year undergrad program in the academy of fine arts of Venice or Florence (Venice is my 1st choice*).

My 1-year visa expires in Sept. I hope I can get a renewal, so I’m able to do my 3-year degree here in Italy. I wonder if that’s possible, or if I have to go back to the States and redo the whole application process for the new 3-year program.

Ciao a tutti,....i am new here i live in Latina...i have been in and out of Italy since 2016 but now wedding preparation is underway.Hope make new friends and meet new people around Latina...i am Kenyan btw :)

Hi ...I'm new and I plan to move to milan soon my girlfriend is Italian and I'm Irish it's kind of scary because I'm just starting to learn italian (it's hard)and I'm a young 😉37 year old guy but I'm a electrican/builder and I don't know how I will find work unless I'm fully fluent and even then I'm not sure if I should look into a different sector🤔🤔🤔🤔ha I'm going crazy also I know zero people there

Am Collins Kalama from Watamu Kenya, i have this interest and self driven motivation of tourism, travelling, safaris, exploring and socialising. i really want to come to Italy to showcase what i got and how passionate and how hardworking i am and exploit my full potential.  Thanks.

Hi my name is Stephania born and brought up in Naples but left for SA when I was 18 as my father is from SA. Plan to come back to live permanently in Naples or surrounding areas and hoping to open a small bunny chow shop or spice shop.
My husband is from SA he has been to Italy before he loves it and hopefully he will fit right in.

Hi all, e buon giorno

We are 'senior Dutch folks' and bought a partly restructured house in Umbria 3 years ago and have been working to get it finished until now.
Unfortunately some scum broke into it last month and set fire to the furniture on the ground floor, which has been rendered uninhabitable for now. In my search for protection systems, and other's experiences, I found this forum.

We are here to enjoy a quiet country life for the last stage of our life..... but even in Umbria that seems difficult ;-)

But we won't give up, so here we are...... wishing everybody a great time in this beautiful country, and more luck than we had so far :-)

Francois and Nina

Hello People

I am Ammar and i recently moved to milan for my postgraduate studies in Accessory Design.

I have free days in the week and i would like to find some place to work preferably related to the fashion and design field it could be even a sales consultant at a clothing shop.

If any one could help i would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.


I hope to come to Italy for a job. So can I know any way for that

Hey everyone!
I'm an artist moving to Venice. I'm hoping to take some classes in printmaking, and in the meantime I'd love to find a job as an English tutor, a translator, a guide, or any kind of art job. I'm open to anything! I'd also be down to meet some cool people.

Hi Francois & Nina,
We are South Africans living 6 months a year near Assisi (near a paese called Collemancio.
We are also "senior citizens" .
Where do you live in Italy?
Best regards
Nico & Santa

I dont think you have to go back to states for that if you get enrolled further you can get your residence permit extended till that period.

Hello, I travelling abroad next month, I will visit multiple Europe cities. Milano, Madrid, Lisbon, Tenerife, Athene, I am looking to meet new people and making some real friends during my trip

Hey, I will visit Madrid frpm 22/04 to 25/04, I am looking to make new friends there

Hi all,
I have Italian heritage and am interested in living in Italy for at least a year with my husband.
I have a few questions that I am hoping the wise forum members can assist with  :)
Thank you in advance!!

I just Moved here in Milan from London , I been a security Consultants for the last 16 years and travel a lot... But now i want to find some peace :)
I would like to get to know some English speaking people who lives here in Milan
Anybody please get in touch


Hello everyone

I have been here in Milan for the past 3/4 months, and just knew and signed for Expat today, I would like to get to know english speaking people here or even italian people who are looking for english or culture exchange.



I'm Flavio.

I'm Italian and just moved back in Italy (Rome) after many years abroad.

I live in Viale Marconi.

Feeling a bit lost and wishing to keep in touch with Expats that I find more open and close to my mind setting while continuing to learn and practice English, French and Arabic. Open to learn new cultures and languages respecting ways to be, religions and creeds.

Get in touch even just for a chat, an aperitive or a cofee.

Best wishes, cheers Flavio.

Hi everyone, I am Ablimit. A master student in Design in Florence. I'd like to meet new prople, make friends and share experiences, Also need to stay updated with informations.

Hi there!
My name is Tamas and I am moving soon (from June) to Milan with my Italian girlfriend. I am a professional sculptor, model and props maker, casting technician. I am looking to get in touch with professionals in Milan but not only.


Hi all, my wife and I are from South Africa, living about 10km from Assisi near a paese called Collemancio, fraz. Cannara.

We spend 2 months in Italy, then 2 months in South Africa, as we still have several business there.

We are restoring an old farmhouse in the countryside, our second house in Italy, sold the previous one in the Deruta area a few years ago.

Our Italian is still a work in progress, so would love to make contact with English or Dutch speaking expats in the Perugia area.

Nico & Santa.

Ciao a tutti!  New to this site, excited about the possibilities and looking forward to learning more about Milan and Italy as an expat from the US.  Would like to connect with other American expats here to establish dialog on their experiences when they relocated to Milan.  If you're interested please message me!  Arrivederci e grazie!

Thank you for accepting me here.

hello from padova, i work a mestre and Padova.
any one like to creat a meetup in area

Hi! I am Amor Bernabe. I'm from Philippines and I am aspiring to work anywhere on Italy. I am a newbie and never been abroad. Hope I could hear a lot of ideas from you guys. Thanks!

Hello everyone! My name is Alicci and I am currently living in Turin. I am new to the forum and like Amor I also came from the Philiippines.


I'm Liat and I'm from Ireland and Canada (Dublin and Toronto). I've returned to Italy and will be moving to Turin later this month (May).
I'm looking for an apartment in the city and am happy to share with a professional, either Italian or expat and preferably someone who is independent and active.
It's nice to meet everyone and hope to get something organised once I'm settled.

Hi )
I am expat in Bologna ...
looking for new friends  and will be happy to  attend some expat meetings!

Hello! My husband and I are both from the United States. We have read through this forum for quite awhile (we've been planning a move to Italy for years), but as we enter into the paperwork and moving phase, I figured it'd be good to introduce myself! We'll be moving to Rome once everything's in order (likely by the end of the year). I've learned a lot from people so far, looking forward to getting to know others here!

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