New members of the India forum, introduce yourself here – 2017

Hi all,

Newbie on the India forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in India if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Im sitharasreejith.i have a pg degree with five years experience in hospital.i have done two project in my in saudi and im intersted in ur jobs.hope u will add me.

I am sujeet kushwaha from bhatpar Rani deoria utter Pradesh

hello i am bip from northeast.

I'm Jakob from Sweden.
I'm interested in the world, finance, development and such.
I'm looking for an Indian Internet service such as eToro in the USA and Forex4you in Russia.
I want to invest money in India because India is an interesting country and I believe in India!

If you have any idea of how to invest money in India, please let me know!
If it's good for you. it could possible be good also for me!

Thank you!

Hello all

I am Naveena.

I am British/Canadian. I live Salalah, Oman now.
I was in Cairo for 7 years until last August.

I will be visiting Delhi in June and again in August on my way to Canada for my summer holidays.

I am a big fan of Osho and Esther Hicks if there are any expansion folks out there.

I will be staying at Oshodham in June.

New friends are all welcome.


Hi Sharleen

Im Naveena from Canada but living in Oman.

I am going to India soon in late June and then again in August on my way to and from Canada for my summer holiday.

I been to India many times over the years.

I dont know if I can answer any questions but I do work with 2 South African colleagues here at my College.

I have also been through a recent loss of someone most close to me.


My name Avinash and i'm from Trinidad.
I looking to migrate to south India soon with my wife.
Hope to gain lots of information and meet new friends to learn all about migrating to India
. :top:

im abhijeet from india , kolkata , im working in IBM & would love to help people across the globe

I am Amu from India

I m Aggarwal wants work in Canada any one friend can help me

Hi, I'm Antarpuneet Singh from Jalandhar, india,  Nice to meet you

I'm a social entrepreneur working in the fabric and handloom industry. I have been working for Women Empowerment and Rural Development from past four years.

I'm a founder of social initiatives and I have born and raised in Maharashtra, India.

I know the local artisan's community very well. I have been working with designers from various countries in the field of fabrics, hand looms and Indian crafts.

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Hi all,
I am Shameem Adhikarath from India. Currently working as a digital marketing executive.

I'm vikas gautam from indore . I'm looking for a kind person who can provide his/her service as teacher in our school.

Hi all,

I am Ons from Tunisia, I am a computer engineer, I worked in company located in London for a year and a half as a Data Engineer, but I actually don't have a job so I'm seeking for opportunities in India because in the field of computer science, big data and Machine learning , India seems to rise among other countries and as a big data consultant and data analysis, I always want to challenge myself and be out of my comfort zone, So I'll be grateful if you guys could give me  some advise about how and where to seek for a new job in India as a Big Data consultant, Data Scientist or a data Engineer.

I love Indian movies, love your style of life, I never been in India before but I love traveling, meeting new people, traditions... :)

Hi this is mark from Germany I live in india last 15 years in newdelhi and have business of solar power energy it is true india is great country and has lot to come up if u r intresting I have done projects which are economically good profit and good profit return  let me know u r intresting to do it together I look also a good team member to work together for those projects

Regards mark
Sunenergy s.g solar

Namaste to all,
My name is Anna Brocein, friends know me as Koibeth. I am a graduate online student with extensive education background in many fields, i.e. education, mentoring, leadership, medical administration, travel and hospitality, business administration, and management. Also, there is work experience in accounts receivable and payable, office administration, education and mentoring, as well as accounts management. I am considering a trip to India later this year if financial issues are settled. Also, I will be considering renting or buying an apartment in Dehli, Pune, or Bangalore. I look forward to meeting all of you on this website. Namaste.

Hiii the best thing you can opt is banglore
Which is good at whether
Has multilingual ppl
And calm compare to other cities
Excluding cost of living
And has chances to get job easily
Thank you

I am Roland from Jamaica. I will be visiting Goa and other parts of India. I would also like to visit Nepal.

Hi plz feel free to contact me about ur plan investment if u r in india let me know we can meet and discuss on certain projects

Cheers mark

My name is Barbara. 'Bebzo'. I love to travel and I especially like the Far East for its culture, climate and people. I especially love Hong Hong and some of its out lying islands. Peng Chau is a favourite. I have recently returned to the UK after spending 3 months visiting Hong Kong, Phuket and Chiang Mai.
I would love like to visit India but have no idea where to start. Any advice would be welcome.
Beaches, cultural , arts and crafts would be a good start for me .
I would eventually like to spend more time abroad each year and India seems fascinating from what I have heard.

I've been to Indonesia and I'd love to go to the East again, some day some way...!
I'm not a beach-dude! More interesting in life at location. Cultural issues and art, of-course!
I live in Sweden and my passport will expire in October, I believe...
Do you travel alone or with someone? I went to Indonesia alone.

I have family in the Far East. I usually meet up with them but tend to explore alone.

You're brave! I'm impressed!
Lucky you!! :-)
I'll go somewhere soon... it's itching in my travelling mind!

Hi Jacobk
Hope all is well I read your msg I have some plan if you interested to invest in India if you interested then you can msg me & add me in your list
How much you interested to invest?

Thank you!
I'm interested in "social trading". A website where people trade. I'm not a trader  myself but I'm interested in "copy traders".
Other services might be interesting as long as it's a service and I'm one in the crowd.
Every investor is always looking for an exit! Charity is something else.

I understand that. I am constantly looking for somewhere to go. Even in the UK I love to explore.

Hi welcome to india Plz feel free to join our german events in india newdelhi we r a group of European people living in delhi at farmhouse side we do often events for health which r free of cost and also events of meet where travelers can find more possibility travel around india free using our friend Cricle place

Regards marko
Indo German events

Hello dear,

I am Naveena.
My name was originally Robyn but I traveled to India and found an Ashram there and they gave me - Anand Naveena which means - New Bliss

Anyway I will be staying in India soon on my way to Canada and on the way back.

There is so much to say about India.
The more special your desires are the more interesting the answers I suppose.

I am here,


I've never been to India, but I love to go! You are ahead of me!
I need to learn more about Ashram...! Thank you!

When in India, do you meet (stick with) the locals or foreigners!?

Hi, Matt here.

My family and I are moving to New Delhi in August, for work reasons.
It will be my first time in India, and we'll be staying at least 2 years.
It will be on my head to arrange everything - housing, transport, schooling for kids.........
So any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hello dear,

Well the Ashram I originally found was in Pune near Mumbai.
Osho is the guru, but he passed away in 1990 I think.

The main ashram there is famous but now is expensive and resort style.
I am going to the other big one outside Delhi called Oshodham.

I looks better to me since it seems to be run by Indian sannyasins rather than mostly westerners who can be too methodical in my experience.

I will let you know how it goes.

I will stay there for a week soon at the end of June.
I hope I meet people and atmosphere that is as unique as my Pune visits.


dear law

like you I am also a huge friend of OSHO ,
presently I am staying in pune city , in case if you visit pune and want to get connect to me please call me on my indian number ***
I visit OSHO ashram in pune frequently in week ends and hope full can help you in case you visit here.


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You should post a picture so the people can see you dear

Thanks for your info

Tell us more about yourself

Hi Naveena ,

I am polins from russia .
I work with one of the TOP 5 IT giant in the world and I am here for my companies s business expension in India .
I will be here for almost 2 yrs and will help my company business transformation and implementation in nidia .

I am staying in ambrosia resort in Pune.

// Polins

Hi. Good to hear it actually I am also sanyasin and was living also in osho commune pune still I have a appartment in koregaon park it is true it has gone expensive even lot change in energy I live in newdelhi and I am German I hope you had a good time in New Delhi in case I can be helpful plz feel free I live in a farmhouse in noida end south delhi. Plz feel free also to join our german events
Regards mark

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Thanks for your message.

Its great to here that there is another sannyasin's place in the Delhi area.

I arrive on June 25th actually and I will be at Oshodham for a week or so.
I will be back to Delhi at the end of July for 3 weeks before returning to Oman.

My city, Salalah, in the south of Oman is a very popular holiday spot for German tourists.

So you have a farmhouse near Delhi and some sannyasins live there?

Here is my email if you would like to use it rather than this site - ***

Naveena (Robby)

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I live in Oman.

Lately I have a few good friends also from Tunisia who work here in different fields.
I am in Salalah but my tech friends are usually in the capital Muscat.

You might want to look into working here.
It can be a bit lonely but the country is beautiful and peaceful and the people are kind.


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