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We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Ecuador if you are planning to move there.

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Hello I am Carlos, I am from Venezuela but I have lived in Ecuador for 20 years, I lived in the USA for some years, I am a Veterinarian and I am currently working in my veterinary clinic. I like to read, pets and can practice the English language, If someone wants to share some of the hobbies


I am interested in taking the CELTA course later this year in Montanita and then stay for as long as I can, teaching English.
I've never been to Ecuador, and I am excited for the adventure.


Hello. Born in Tokyo Japan, Raised in Texas USA and living in Quito. We are here for volunteer ministry work. We wanted our kids to experience another culture and to have the opportunity to learn Spanish fluently. They are in high school and have online schooling from the states.

I'm a Crafter so I'm always in the hunt for crafting supplies, yarn, and scrap wood. So if you see any, please let me know! So far I only know of the mall places and chains...super paco, Juan marcet, Sukasa, megamaxi. Would like to find the smaller rustic shops.

We are Erin and Ed.  We left the SF Bay Are in March of 2015.  Ecuador is our 12th county and so far, we are very happy to have made the decision to come here.  We lived in Southeast Asia for 19 months.  Most of our time was spent living and teaching in DaNang , Vietnam.  We loved the people, the food, the landscape and the history.  But, we did not love the heat, the motorbikes, the mosquitos or the cat- sized rodents ..LOL.    I wouldn't mind moving back to Thailand, where we lived for two months and earned a TEFL certificate, but my husband isn't into it.   We also, want to be closer to the US so, that we can see our family once a year.  Our research led us to Boquete, Panama. So, after a 5 week visit home to visit our family, we were off to Panama.  Boquete looked like a perfect spot on paper, but it was not in fact a perfect spot for us.  While Boquete is lovely, it is also small and remote.  There isn't much to do besides hike and ride horses.   We like to see culture and historical places along with, scenic beauty.   Boquete is glowing green.  It is gorgeous.  It is also windy and it is wet a lot of the year, which enables it to be so green.  There isn't much in the way of history for us to explore. And, we aren't big hikers or horseback riders.   We ended up staying for a month before, we moved on to Cuenca.  And, we have 4 amazing new friends, so it was a great 'layover.'  I should say, that we also spent a week in Panama City.  Which has some cool historical sights including, the Panama Canal. .  The canal is awesome! But, we did not think it was a pleasant place to live...its crowded and not appealing to us.
We are very happy to be in Cuenca!   The people, the food, the historical sights and the landscape are enticing to us.  We are going to stay a  year and figure out our next move.  So far; so good.  We like food, history, walking, reading, good conversation,good coffee,  teaching and learning amongst many other things:)

Hello my name is Will.  I currently live in Williamsburg, Kentucky in the U.S.  I have done lots of research on Ecuador and would love to eventually move there.  I'm an untraditional college student finishing my BA in Criminal Justice and will start my Master's degree on emergency management in the fall.  I am working on planning a trip to Ecuador soon, and hopefully being here will help me be able to learn some of the things I need to know in order to make that dream become a reality.

I would like to give it a try and live in Ecuador. I'm retired and want to live a life of freedom from all the hectic life style here in the USA

Hello To All,

We are Antonio and Juan.  Antonio was born in Quito, Ecuador, and I, in the State of Oklahoma in the United States.

I have plans to retire in Quito, Ecuador with Antonio.  Antonio plans to continue in the University, obtaining his Masters in mathematical finance.

We are boyfriends and we intend to get married.  As friends in Ecuador, please let us know that you exist and please write to us.

Thank you so much.

Juan and Antonio

Hi Everyone,
I have been sketchily searching for a place to retire for a few years now. Now that Trump is in office it has given me more incentive to leave the insanity here. In my youth, I never thought I settle on any one place, as I thought travel was in my blood. For whatever reason, it stopped long ago and I have always missed it. I am visiting in May & June for the initial visit. The few other countries & islands I have visited, the locals commented, "you don't seem like an America" initially I didn't fully understand the comment. Older and a tad wiser I do and it saddens me. I know there's been more interest in Ecuador as of late and my hope is that travelers show respect and leave their demanding arrogant ways where they come from, as they spoil it for others. Enough of a rant for my first post. I truly hope I have not offended anyone. Chau for now

Hi All,

We recently returned from a trip to Ecuador and really loved it.  Spent some time in Quito, Ibarra and Same.  We're at that stage where we're starting to think about retirement homes and thought we would explore possibly buying a house which we would use as a vacation rental for the next couple of years with the idea to live there for a good part of the year further down the line.  We spent a week in Same/CasaBlanca and really enjoyed that part of the coast.  We took some day trips further down the coast to Canoa.  I'm not one for gated planned communities and normally prefer isolated homes but for some reason really like CasaBlanca.  It seemed like we were the only two people there.  I've heard it can be really busy on long weekends and holidays which is good for rental potential but also nice that there are times when no one is there.  Would love to hear any insight into the area: Same, Sau, Atacames, etc and any experience with rental properties.  How much for a local caretaker, etc.  We would most likely buy a house and fit it out high-end as other half is an interior designer.  Also looking at maybe buying some property and building - even though I've heard how difficult that can be.  Love to hear stories, ideas, suggestions, etc.


Hi Tim,

If you would like to speak with a native-born Quitoan about his city and country, I can ask my boyfriend, Antonio, if he would visit with you and yours as you consider retirement choices within his beautiful-paradise-on-earth.  He could help you with things that you don't even know to ask.  He knows a lot more about Ecuador than merely Quito and its many and varied neighborhoods.  He is intimately knowledgeable concerning its geographic locations.  Its unique physical and spiritual beauties.  Its weather.  Its culture.  Its history.  Its education systems.  Its economy.  And its languages----Ecuadorian Spanish as well as some of its indigenous, Native American tongues. 

He knows about and is familiar with other ex-pat, retirement options beyond Quito.  He and I have discussed living in other Ecuadorian places besides its second largest city and national capital.  Examples include the obvious choice of Cuenca as well as lesser known places such as Ambato, Riobamba, Guaranda, Babahoyo, and others.

He is a degreed, financial mathematician.  This fall, his plans are to begin a master's degree program in economics/business here in the U. S. or at home in his beloved birthplace. 

Lastly, his English is impeccable and more understandable than mine.   Most likely, his knowledge of American, English grammar is better than mine as well.  And I'm a writer.  His work history includes being a tutor.

If you think that he might be helpful, please let us know.



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I will be in Cuenca for my first time March 19.

Since I don't know a soul in Ecuador, I would like to meet anyone for coffee and talk while I am there. I am considering moving there.

Montanita is fun.  But to live there is interesting.  My father is in Manta , up the coast . More suitable living with airport, hospitals and banking.

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hi every body I am hashem from Iran.i am planning to go to Ecuador.i need some help about opening a restaurant or fast food there.and also about new rules regarding residency.who can help me and share useful information .thank you
my ***

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Hi guys am a new member,am moving to ecuador soon,but first as a tourist,then maybe i live there.

Hello, I'm Christy - Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am looking to move to Ecuador with my significant other in the near future. Do I have to come in on my own or can I go with him as a family member? We have been together for almost a year, but we are not legally married.

Christyb :

Hello, I'm Christy - Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am looking to move to Ecuador with my significant other in the near future. Do I have to come in on my own or can I go with him as a family member? We have been together for almost a year, but we are not legally married.

Hi. Address your concerns in a separate thread as this is simply for introductions.

HI! My Name is Christy. I am a 48 year old writer who is pursuing self-publication as well as some other avenues to further my personal goals. I am looking forward to the experience of moving to a new place, as I have always appreciated other cultures and want to expand my horizons.

I am an outside girl, since I was raised in the country, in Oklahoma, USA. My father was a "jack of all trades" and my mother was a rock-and-roll princess. My dad was a rodeo cowboy, farmer, race-horse owner, truck driver on the weekends, retired Air Force soldier, and a jet engine mechanic. He loved me, but he wanted me to be an accountant, my artistic side wouldn't let me.

Mom, of course encouraged the creativity in me, but worried constantly...

Anyway, Nice to meet you all, and if anyone has any advice, please PM me.

vsimple :
Christyb :

Hello, I'm Christy - Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I am looking to move to Ecuador with my significant other in the near future. Do I have to come in on my own or can I go with him as a family member? We have been together for almost a year, but we are not legally married.

Hi. Address your concerns in a separate thread as this is simply for introductions.

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hi I am paul iam also thinking move to Ecuador and start some kind of food business like you, please get back to me thank you.

Yes Cristy you can come in as your own you do not have to be married.

Hi everyone,
My name is Peter and i now reside in Connecticut. My wife and I recently got back from Manta, Ecuador where we looked at building lots south of Bahia at Las Olas. We were very impressed by the developers and the scope of the project which will be a Hormi2 construction in a sustainable community. The land is beautiful and the project is moving along nicely so we bought a building lot. I'm looking forward to someday join everyone after our house is built in a few years.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jodell de Sousa, I'm from South Africa and I will joining several global TEFOL /TEFL teachers in Ecuador for a new government English teaching program. I'm scheduled to be placed in Tarqui, Guayas, Guayaquil in a week or two's time. I welcome suggestion on any important subject that would make my experience in Ecuador fun, exciting and memorable.

Should you wish to have English lesson, please feel free to contact or connect with me on this platform. II teach all grades and levels of English, including Business English.

Best Regards


Hello, nice to meet you! I was wondering if you know of anybody who are looking for Native English Teachers? I am currently unemployed and I am looking for a job! I am from Toronto,Ontario born and raised! and I have been teaching english for 10 years now!

Hi everybody, we are looking to retire early and so far we have managed to narrow it down to 2 different places... very different from each other, as well - Ecuador and Greece. I am myself a Greek born in Romania, living in Canada... and to make it more challenging, I am also thinking of living in Ecuador... my husband is born in Romania and Canadian. We will be traveling this week to Ecuador to learn more about this beautiful country. We are not sure which place we will end up living in... Cuenca is high on the list... but so is Cotacachi / Otavalo area - we love hiking, entertaining and cooking for friends - we love the city life and also the countryside...

Hello! My name is Mark and I have been in Ecuador just over 3 months. I moved here to be with my girlfriend, originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. it has been quite an adjustment! I was very happy where I was and I am not really a traveler by nature. I can almost count all the countries I have been to on one hand haha! But my girlfriend had to move home for a couple of years and I couldn't leave her. Im gonna marry that one! So I am here in quito for the duration

I have been struggling to find work here that I can do. the obvious choice is teaching English. Which I guess I can do, but since I have been given the opportunity I want to do something different. So I have decided to become a streamer! For those who don't know, it is broadcasting yourself online for people to watch. Pretty much I will be creating a show and, to my knowledge, I will be one of the few streamers based in Latin America which is pretty cool, but I need some help and suggestions. Which is why I am here :)

My husband and I arrived in Quito 10 days ago, for 6 months. We came to do some volunteer ministry work and to learn about the country. We will probably return to stay longer and are possibly looking at Cotacachi. We'd like to meet some expats, learn about cultural events, good native restaurants. We are living in the La. Carolina area and walk to Spanish classes in the Mariscal Fuch area.

Hi, call me Dyzd (pronounced dazed). I'm 62, a physician looking to retire and on my first exploratory trip to Ecuador this July. One thing that I have read on many posts is that it desirable (necessary?) to integrate yourself into the culture to be happy, and just because it is the right thing to do. When I was a kid, I remember the phrase "ugly American" used to refer to those tourists who expected the French or the Mexicans or wherever to speak English and cater to their every need. The kind of person who thinks that he can get what he wants just by talking louder. I am pretty much the exact opposite of that. I give back now to the community by being as caring, attentive and unhurried with my patients as I can possibly be. As a result, I don't make as much money as many in my field (note: I'm not complaining or claiming poverty). I have 30+ years as a physician, and while I know that I won't be getting a license to practice medicine is Ecuador, I would like to find some way to use my talents, training, experience and calm temperament to give back to local community that is sheltering me. Any suggestions? One thing that come to mind in hospice and end-of-life care. We have an extremely valuable Palliative Medicine service in my small community and I greatly admire the work that they do. Thanks for listening.

With the new healthcare laws, what is the cost per person or couple? Thanks.

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Thank you.

I have attached my post and am wondering if Antonio could be of assistance.
thanks, Allan Smith ***
Seriously considering a move to Ecuador.  I currently live in the Palm Springs area.  My partner is a Harvard Medical School graduate with a practice here.  I am an HIV+ gay man.  Is it possible for me to make a move there?  If so what parts of Ecuador do you suggest living in?  Any response from other gay men desired. Thanks.

Like hearing from other gay men.

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venezolano72 :

Hello I am Carlos, I am from Venezuela but I have lived in Ecuador for 20 years, I lived in the USA for some years, I am a Veterinarian and I am currently working in my veterinary clinic. I like to read, pets and can practice the English language, If someone wants to share some of the hobbies

Hi Carlos,
My name is Jose Luis, I was born in Bolivia but have been living in London, England for over 40 years. My ecuatorian wife and I will be retiring to Quito in 2020 and one of our projects is to look after rescue dogs. We are already involved in helping to sterilise street dogs and it would be great to work with a professional veterinarian.
Best regards,


I am Deb and my husband is Scott. We have been to Ecuador once to attend a family wedding and then again a on quick stop while on a cruise. We have been so impressed with the friendliness of Ecuadorians. We live in Colorado along the Front Range, just east of the Rocky Mountains, near Boulder. We are ready to enjoy a milder winter in retirement. We want to live in an area with a mild climate, say 75 F degrees, not too humid and not too dry. We will learn Spanish and want to live among American expats and those from other countries as well as Ecuadorians. Our ideal location would be beautiful and lush, with streams or falls or a nearby ocean. We want a village atmosphere nearby where we can buy the day's groceries at village markets run by locals, not a big box store. We want to be able to walk or ride a golf cart for a few minutes to get to places daily, yet not be too far from quality health care and nice restaurants when we choose to dine out. We're looking for more peace and simplicity and less congestion and harriedness. Lots of tourists work against this goal, so we don't want to be in an area that is an extreme hot spot for vacationers. We're looking for a politics free zone, where everybody feels a sense of community and friendships can grow. We're looking for an area where we can enjoy a low key daily life with yoga and hikes and still be among the action when we desire, in a safe area. We aren't on a tight budget, though it appeals to us to live less expensively than is required in the US. This is a long wish list, but why not search for the serenity we so desire?  If readers have just such a place to recommend, I welcome your reply.

Welcome to the Ecuador forum, Deb.

Vilcabamba might have much of what you seek, although no ocean .. and it's up to an hour by bus to the hospital in Loja.

Also, you likely won't be able to find an Expat community in South America these days where T---- isn't discussed with regularity.


Why waste time discussing snarky politics while in paradise? I can get that in Colorado. Thanks for your reply. I will research the city you recommend.

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