Stonehill International school bus!

Hi! everyone, I'm expat living in the middle east, relocating to Bangalore next month with my hubby & 8 yrs. old daughter, Palm Meadow and Stonehill International School is my first Option, could anyone give me some advise or please share your experienced, parents most especially, used school bus transport to (pickup and drop off ) the kids, how safe is the school bus? i'm totally aware about the traffic, from Palm Meadow to Stonehill School, any comments and advise is highly appreciated.

Many thanks ,

Hi there,

Palm Meadows to Stonehill is a very long commute for your child. You would be better looking at different accommodation nearer to the school. I use to live 10 mins down the road from Palm Meadows and the traffic is just horrific on that side of town. It would take about 45mins-1 hour to travel to a school 12 kms away from my house.

Hey Koukla, I think you should check this … jala-hobli hope this would provide all the information you need.

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