Moving back to the home country

After 13 years of living abroad, we are planning a move back to the home country. While I have been excited about the move, as it is getting closer, I am getting more and more anxious about it. I have been losing a lot of sleep recently. Is this a normal feeling? What should we expect when we move back?

Re-entry shock (the eqivalent of culture shock when returning to one's country of origin after many years abroad) is often underestimated and can be as severe and problematic as a culture shock - and the world around you will have even less sympathy.
I returned to my country twice (after 8 and 5 years each) and avoided re-entry shock by telling myself that I am NOT returning, but moving to another new an interesting place - with the added advantage that this time I spoke the language. Of course it also helped that I moved to a new city in my home country and that my foreign wife came with me.

It's a well known axiom that "you can't go home again" - meaning, your home community has changed so much since you left that it will be foreign to you. I first found this when I went back to my home in Australia after only a year overseas, and visited with old friends. The friends were the same as they used to be, but I had changed - and I wasn't on the same wave-length any more. Most returning expats will agree with me on this. Good luck, though, Khalid! Let's know how you get on.

Hi Gordon Barlow, and Khalid,
It's so true “”you can’t go home again”,  :(  many years in Australia and back in Dhaka for a project. I would rather be comfortable in “Timbuctoo” then in Bangladesh.

NIce is everywhere where we are absent. Hope it won't be about you. But surely the things have changed

You seem to be a paticularly pessimistic individual.
For me, the best time and place is here and now!

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