Detalis about Maldives work changing policy

Hi,  I am working in a Hotel in Maldives. My permit is total for 2 year. After one year I will get one year leave for one month then again have to come back. But If I want to change my job to another resort what should I do?  is my recent enployer allow me for my new job and new destination? What is the exact pricedure if I want to change it now alothough first one year is not fill up. What should I do if I want to change it now? Please if anyone here knoe about this please inform me and share your ideas with me which will be very helpful for me.
Thank you very much

First check what is the expiry date of your work visa. Normally a company will apply for 01 year visa only. hence most probably your visa will expire very close to completion of you first year in Maldives.
In this case you can request your employer not to extend your visa and come to the new place after vacation with a new work visa under new company.
or you can ask your employer to transfer your work visa to the new company.

Is that possible to change my work permit to other. because i recently joined here. Is that i can change

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