Conditions in Maldives, been offered a job as a doctor.

Hi all,
My wife and I have been offered a job in Maldives. We are from Pakistan. And both are doctors.
I would like to know how the living conditions are in Maldives. I have read some disturbing stories over the internet about how foreigners are mistreated there.
Can anyone help?

Dr Shahzad

Hi Dr,Shahzad!

Good day and welcome to maldives forum!
Male' nowadays is good.. No worries.
People are people,anyway... :whistle:

Maldives is not a good place for doctors.I worked there(as a Pediatrician) for a year &left. If you care about your security & do not want to loose your mental peace, give up the  Idea of taking a job in Maldives. moreover, you will never be posted to Male as some one has suggested. All expatriates are mistreated in Maldives irrespective of nationality . Two of my Pakistani friends were asked to pack up within 72 hours of their landing at one of the hospital as their behavior was not liked by the hospital administration. Things are bizarre & unpredictable, sometimes very humiliating.

Thanks for the details, we did not take up the job offer.

Hi Dr.Shahzad,

i knw this is a late reply, there is more to the story of amedico than just "maldives is a bad place" "keep away".. which is completely incorrect.

perhaps, in the late 80s and early 90s there could be some truth to that story.. however you should be very clear before you take the job, on where excatly that you would be based at..

if your based in male, and if your employed by IGMH, ADK, AMDC, Central Clinic and a few more, you have nothing to worry about, i have visited a few apartments where doctors lived and i have to say that the conditions were pretty amazing. Amazing for me might be pretty different from what amazing might mean to "amedco".

i would not recommend you to take a job where you might be based on a small island, as it will get to you, unless your really desparate for a job, mostly fresh MBBS docs take jobs on the islands. and they might have much higher expactation that what the island might have to times there is absolutly no social life, then again there are many times where people who took the job on the island, really liked it and stayed over 10 years....

hope this clears things a little bit.

and amedico, i would love to hear your side of the story...something must have gone awfully wrong with your experience in maldives, and i am very interested to learn about that which would also help me guid people more acurrately.


Thanks for clarify life in Maldives for a Doctor. I really also very confuse what to Decide. Some condition is mine. I am MBBS doctor from Pakistan. Now I am in Dubai and want  to join posting in Maldives which is already offer through an agent.
thanks and Regards.

Hi, I am referring M.O.H jobs.I do not know what Mooch infers by saying-"perhaps, in the late 80s and early 90s there could be some truth to that story." Things might be different in IGMH & Pvt. Hospitals but MOH jobs are awful in islands, no doubt about it..The pertinent point is, how many expatriate doctors are going to be accommodated in IGMH or some of these private hospitals. The majority of expatriate doctors  in any case will be posted to island dispensaries & atoll hospitals where things are pretty bad specially from professional point of view. Some of these  Pakistani doctors might find the Maldives medical jobs amicable, seeing the present violent atmosphere of the Pakistan.Even these doctors  face problems from time to time.So unless one is exhausted of all options ,he/she should think twice before landing here in medical jobs.

After learning that Mr Mooch is a Maldivian , I can understand his point of view .Actually a native person is not capable of  thinking  from an expatriate point of view nor he can have the same feelings as that of the expatriate.That is why there is a difference of opinion.It applies to all ,irrespective of the nationality.Similarly a professional man's point of view can be understood by the person from the profession only.I don't think Mr. Mooch is a doctor,so he can not understand the plight of the expatriate doctors in Maldives.

Hi Amedico,

what you have stated is not true, that maldivians mistreat expats. Yes i am a maldivian, and we are very friendly and hospitable people. So does most of the expats agree with me.

I do get a lot of complains from expats about the living conditions given by the employer, this needs to be clarified before you make a decision to move to maldives.

PS: i have also stated very clearly that i do not recommend to take a job outside male.. on a small island with no social life...


Living on a local island outside of Male, I would dream that some good doctors would come and work overhere.

What I'd call a good doctor? one that doesn't go on wikipedia to look for an adequate treatment (!) but also one that accept that, as a patient, I ask questions, and doesn't talk to me with an obnoxious tone if I disagree with him/her or ask questions; it's not because one is a doctor that he/she knows everything. Medical mistakes do exist.
A good doctor is one that his/her patients can trust, accepts questions and more important, take the time to answer to it properly. Of course, giving the right treatment works as well.
Antibiotics and anti-inflamatory don't cure everything.

What I've seen and experienced here is "take this, don't ask questions, do what I say you know nothing." (it was the same working in a resort)
Most of the time, the treatment is wrong, and I end up doing something else that actualy work. I'm not a doctor, however, I can read instructions and use my brain. And for something as simple as the flu or an ear infection, I know what to do for me, sorry.
Try this way of working as a doctor in my country, you will not last long.

I thought that doctors wanted to cure people, but reading what I read on this forum, most of them seem to be more interested in having a good salary, a big appartment, and better living conditions that most of the people I know here will ever be able to afford.
If some of them had the courage to stay on a local island and actualy do their job and what they were trained for, maybe bit by bit, things would improve outside Male.
Rome didn't happen in one day, so is everything else.

Yes, life on a local island for an expat can be difficult, social life and activities are pretty limited.
However, Maldivians can be lovely people, if you don't treat them obnoxiously.
And I doubt that the living conditions would be that bad, a doctor would still have a descent flat and a descent salary.

I am agree with Mooch.. Local people are very Nice and have hospitality for foreigner as We also have in Pathan family. 1st time I was also very afraid by seeing various text about   Maldivian people But when I come here to Maldives I found them very Good people & respectable .
Bad & Good people are every where  even in our own Home some one have good habit nature  Decent & polite .   Some one haven't . Its vary from Person to Person.

I have a large number of Maldivian friends, some since childhood. And I must say, they are some of the best people I have met. Due to my pleasant experience with my Maldivian friends, I have decided to move to the Maldives for a stint of work and am looking forward to it.

I am sure there may have been individual unpleasant incidents, but generalizing should be avoided.

If it is a question of not being able to adjust/adapt to island life, then that is a totally different matter.

Hey.....I hv been offered a job in igmh.i just want to know the living conditions there.

I'm from Venezuela a specialist with 3 years of experience!, I want to work and live overseas!, do you know where can I apply!, Dubai is good but I do not get a reply from it!

sincerely yours


I'm a doctor from Venezuela, a Neurosurgeon do you know how to apply to work in Maldives!


I'm a Neurosurgeon with 3 years of experience, do you know how to apply to work abroad!

Hi, I'm a doctor from Bangladesh. Me and my wife are trying to get jobs as medical officer in Maldives. I have some questions.
How can I clarify/ check that the employment agreement and the work permit given by my agent is genuine?
We have a three yr old son, how is the schools and where can we put him when we both go to work?

Hey everyone!
Im looking for a job in maldives..
if anyone is there and can help me ..
thn please contact at

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I would like to work in Maldives. First just to try for few years and after maybe to decide to stay longer. But I'm afraid they don't need only english speaking doctors... and from Europe :)


Dont worry. Here Many Countries doctors are working.

Good Luck

Hello, I m a Medical officer from Nepal. Is it safe for femalde doctors to work in Maldives? Thank u

yes. it is safe here. many ladies doctors adn nurse indians and philipines doctors are also working here. if you wanna more details contact me. we can be friends . Nice to meet you. i am working as accountant in male now 6 years.

Salaam Dr  Parvez and Hi to everybody,

I just got registered here as i am also getting an offer for Medical officer post in Maldive @ prima facies.
I am 43 years old indian dr with 20 years exp in medical field
I have worked abroad in Mauritius and Denmark also for couple of years.
Dr Parvez, I would like to know more about Maldive experiences of yours in social life as well as job.

Thnaks and regds

Thank u for ur reply.

Third week in Maldives and I know how boring it can get if you are single and dont have any friends here. There is absolutely nothing to do, other than beaches. Every day after work, All I am doing is trying different restaurants and watching movies on internet at home.


I am a doctor. And I'm seeking a job. I have a a question, please help me.
What does it mean if a prospective employer asks me " to send a medical council registration, good standing certificate and valid insurance that covers your service and you during your volunteer service in MALDIVES" ? (c)
Is it the standard procedure for all of the shortlist? Or does it mean that I will be offered?

I have no idea about your employer/potential employer. Procedure varies, depending on the employer. As far as I know immigration requirement are on the visa form, which you can download from their site. Negotiate salary and make sure you do your search on cost of living in Maldives before you accept an offer. Working style is quite relaxed/laid back but again I am not a doctor I am an Engineer :) so I don't know the work load and pressure on doctors. I know doctors are required to do shifts and sometimes weekends and on public holidays as well. So be prepared for that. Good luck

It is absolutely safe, as long as you are sane and sorted out, precise with your work and all, you'll be perfectly fine. There are so many doctors from Nepal especially female ones are working very fine.

It is a post from 2012.

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