looking for english school for my child

hi all, our family going to move Ankara  in 2017. i am looking for school for my 7 years old boy, is there any affordable english school. please advise me thank you all


Following is a comprehensive (but probably not complete) list of English medium schools  in Ankara.
It's often possible that the whole education system is not in English, it would be best to contact the schools individually and verify it yourself.

British Embassy School
Bilkent Laboratory & International School
George C. Marshall School
British Embassy Study Group
Pakistan Embassy Study Group
Ankara English Pre-School
Yasemin Pre-School
International Pre-School and Kindergarten
Özel Bilkent Lisesi
TED Ankara Koleji
Oasis International School of Ankara
Izmir SEV Elementary School

Once again, as on all Turkish forums, I would advise that you request to speak to the teaching staff to ensure that they can speak English well.

Hope this list is helpful.

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