Am not happy here at all I thought this sit was to help me get to Canada. But since am here I can't fine help. I don't know how to state don't even know what to do pls help me.

Hi Chanseline !what  are you not happy about ? If I may ask !

Hi everyone,

@ Chanseline,

Have you gone through the different articles of the Living in Canada guide yet ? You will find all the primary information.

Also, have a look at the official Canadian website for Immigration and Citizenship :

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I agree with you, things published here are just general and I / you can find it in normal google search. please give real help on how to get to canada, how to deal with difficulties, and what is the easiest ways to immigrate to canada, this what I am looking for, and many others here too. I don't think advices like" visit canada gov. immigration website" help us.

Hello ,I can understand your frustration  but as per my experience  there's no easy or fast way to come to Canada , the best way to start is to get as much information on the process and the Canadian Immigration website is where you will get all what you need, It can be overwhelming or fastidious but that's the most reliable site. There's also some questionnaires you can fill that will tell you which immigration program is more adapted for  you or your family. All the forms you will need, and the costs for the process etc ...And also read other people's posts and comments on this forum  .Each case is different but most who came here went through the same process.You also need a serious dose of patience because too .

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