How i reduced 10 KG weight by doing home exercises and proper diet

Hi All,

As you all know that here in ksa there is very fewer physical activities which any one can do to maintain his fitness. And there is a lot of fat foods like rice which are available in plenty here ready to make us fat.

When i came here in Mar-2016. My weight was around 84 kg. But with in 4,5 month i got weight up to 94 KG which really made me lazy and obese looking guy. And big Problem was that i did not have enough time to go in gym and do exercises.

So i motivated myself to start little workout on my home and results was awesome. I reduced weight up to 10 Kg with in 2 to 3 months with proper diet and good exercises. I am sharing my work routine and diet, It worked for me hopefully it will also work for you. I also get rid of pelvic interior tilt which was happened to me due to a lot of sitting in office.


Intense cardio exercise- 20 Mins- Burpees and splints were my favorite. Jumping, Jumping jacks etc

Stretching exercises- 15 mins- these exercises really helped me to get good physique and strength. Arms stretching, Bridge formation, Cat and cow stretch, legs stretching. All stretching exercises with proper breathing will affect a lot.

Muscles exercise- Push Up and squats- 15 Mins. It helped me to burn more fat. Always remember that fat is fuel for body and our muscles are engine. More we use engine more we will burn fuel. So do exercises which involve more group of muscles. Burpees is one of best exercise for this.

Don't go for stomach exercises, because we have very few muscles there and it will not burn more fat.


I calculated daily cals required for my body. Then i ate 1000 less cals than that.

Protien= 30 % of diet, (Tuna canned fish, Red kidney beans, Chicken breast)

Carbs= 50% of diet, ( brown bread, white oats, brown khubus)

Fat= 20% of diet

Drink alot of water, Do not sit in office more than 3 hours, every 3 hours do walk for 5,10 mins to boast your metabolism.

These exercise and diet really worked for me. The most important thing you need to reduce your weight is your will power. Once you decided that you need to loose your weight and and need to look slim than other everything is easy.

Please reply on my post, if you want to know more details about exercises and diet.

Hello faraz, I am also on a journey of loosing weight with exercise and diet and your fitness plan will be very beneficial in my journey.  :)

Well done faraz

Great !  i am again gaining weight :) Now 86. Trying to motivate myself again for exercises and good diet.

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