nepalese community in jakarta

would you help me to inform about nepalese community in jakarta

Try here first

hi there
thanks for reply, what i'm looking for community foe nepalese in Jakarta
maybe you can help?
thank you

The point of me finding a link to the embassy of Nepal is for you to exactly that. With Nepal being a small country, I would imagine there will be few Nepalese here so by contacting the embassy I am sure that they will tell you of events connected to the Nepalese community here.

After being here for 10 years I still have yet to meet anyone from Nepal.

ok thank you for the information

I am also looking for Nepalese community in Jakarta. It will be great if anyone can provide some information about it.

Im the one also who want to work and live in indonesia but being very hard to get informations from them who are living there.

I'm guessing there is only a very small Nepalese community in Jakarta as it would be very difficult to find legal work here.
The advise about starting with the embassy is very good as they're likely to know about the local community and any support groups.
As for work, that isn't easy.

So sad my hopes are getting down bro

Im nepali i live indonesia bali...

Hello ! I don't live in Jakarta but not so far from Jakarta. Its Karawang.

Ok tapai nepali hunuhunchha ho... ma chai bali ma chhu..

English only in this section of the forum please.

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