Never been to Canada so any advice on my move will be appreciated

Hi I'm Augusta from Namibia. I'm a vet medicine graduate. I would love to work and settle in Canada,and hopefully start a family, though I mentioned Montreal on my profile,I'm not really sure in which city I want to settle I 've never been to Canada so any advice on that will be highly appreciated.

I speak English French,Portuguese and afrikaans

Hi Augusta,

Welcome on board  :)

Till members share their feedback, i suggest you read the Living in Canada guide so as to gather a maximum info.

All the best,


Simply log onto and look under the section "skilled workers" and you will find everything that you need to know. Please do not take the following too personal because it applies to me too as immigrant but now canadian: Please whoever who has intention to come with purposes to hurt this nation, stay away. If you woud like to better your life as well your families', please come in!

Thank you.

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