Prince Edward Island (Anyone here?!)

Hello All,

Great to be part of Expat community group. Me and my family recently got an opportunity to immigrate to Prince Edward Island, Canada. This is through their Provincial nominee Program. We haven't chosen it yet. I'm curious to know if anyone is this group is living in P.E.I.

Like all places, it definitely has it PROS and CONS. What I'm looking at is it worth moving to PEI, hoping that I can get a job in telecommunications industry (management level), or just go to other provinces (like Ontario or BC)


Hi Joel,

PEI is a very small province of under 200,000 people. The main industries are farming, fishing and tourism. There is a large tech company on the island whose name escapes me at the moment.

The province is stunning in the summer, but a good portion of it closes up for the winter months (Labour day weekend until Victoria day), which means that only a few larger towns have restaurants open. For people with computer skills and tech skills it can be easy to get a job, as many of the locals (especially on the smaller towns) have just started embracing computer technology in the past decade.

When we lived there were missed bigger cities and would drive the three hours to Halifax to find amenities that just don't exist in PEI. It took us almost three years to get a family doctor.

It really depends what you're looking for. You couldn't find nicer people or a more tranquil setting, but if you're used to the city and a lot of diversity, the island may be a shock for you. Try and find a Telecom company there before you set your mind to it.

Good luck!

Hi Danica!

Thanks for the reply. Yes, it will definitely be a new experience for us, and should holiday in a city :)

Are you a native of PEI?

No, we only lived there for three years, but enjoyed it, except for the nor'Easter storms in the winter. Clearing a long drive way of snow can be exhausting!

Thank you for the valuable input!

Hi Joel. My name is Barbara  Duncan  and I was born and  raised  on good 'ol  PEI.  I've been living abroad for a lot if years and part of the reason I left pei was also the small community way of living.  PEI is incredibly beautiful for sure, but you will have to deal with high rent,  ie: about 600-700 dollars monthly for a one bedroom, if you're lucky, maybe a two bedroom  apartment in Charlottetown, but that without utilities..... (that's high for PEI), no public transportation, and no doctor, (there are of course evening clinics but you're lucky if you get seen and that after waiting two hours..). In IT you can work just about anywhere  and I would recommend  PEI if you have  bad nerves and  need to find a place to live where you and your family can chill.  But don't be fooled... we islanders know how to have a good time, even in the  winter when  we're " snowed in". That is- totally burried under snow.  We have hockey in the winter, everywhere, and you can play......   and ice skating, skiing, snowmobiling....... . We get together as friends and neighbors, help each other out..... have kitchen parties and meet in coffee shops and restaurants all over.  It's true that the Islands primary business is tourism related but we still found plenty of amusement.  In summer of course biking, hiking, golfing, camping and beaching..... be careful of the currents and respect the warnings about swimming .  We have malls and shopping centers. You can find everything you need, but not always what you're used to from the  BIG cities.  No IKEA, no huge museums and renaissance art galleries....  and no super high class fancy places with celebrities, but that's okay.  Charlottetown is the biggest city centre, Summerside coming in second place, then sweet and quaint Montague, very pretty.  No bears, moose  or cougar to deal with, just skunks, racoon and coyote. I guess it all depends on what you're looking for. If it's the high life with lots of action, then there's always Halifax, but even  HFX is small when you compare it with Toronto or Edmonton.   I would definitely recommend PEI as a place to live during your lifetime.  You might be pleasantly surprised.  Feel free to contact me if you want any help settling there. I might be able to give you a few heads up.... . All the best. Barbara.  Hamburg Germany.

Hi Barbara! Thank you for the details. Very informative :) About healthcare, another person also gave a not so positive review about healthcare. Queen Elizabeth hospital in charlottetown is not sufficient?

We are looking at living in Charlottetown, if PEI options becomes a reality.

Unfortunately not. If you have no doctor then it's either an evening clinic or the outpatients at the hospital.  Unless you're showing up with heart problems, don't expect to be seen less than anywhere from 6 to 12 hours.   12 is probably the longest you'll have to wait but it all depends what bigger emergencies might come up. That's life in Charlottetown.  Even when you have a doctor you can still wait two or three weeks for an appointment. That's why most just go to the evening clinics, although they have a family doctor.  Not much use if you're fighting a nasty infection. That's another huge reason I live abroad.

Thanks again. Well, we have been living all our lives in regions where low temp. was 55F and highest being 122F. Our only concern moving to Canada is the difference in temp. Hope it does not pose any health challenge to us.

cheers :)

Just to add a different perspective, we had fairly good luck at the evening/walk in medical clinics, but that was in Summerside. The weather allotment cause health issues, but you must be prepared for it. Lots of layers on the winter, real winter boots, hats, mitts etc. -20 in the sun worth little wind is actually quite pleasant with the right clothes. There is a lot of winter activities in PEI, but you need to be comfortable driving in snow conditions.  Barbara is right, people on PEI really do know how to have fun, for me it was just a different type of socializing than what I was used to on the west coast of Canada.

Yea. You're going to get the local bugs for sure, but you will get those no matter where you relocate. That's part of the package but, do it anyway. As our friends said, dress for the weather. Down winter coats, real winter snow boots, high as you can get 'em and hats, scarves and gloves.  If you are well equipped, you will have loads of fun.  People there will help you out a lot anyway so don't worry much. Best to buy the clothes when you are there, or pass through a place used to lots of snow and buy at second hand shops and just convince yourself that you  are going to get on well.  Then just jump in and have fun.😉 😊

Sounds fun :) Thanks again! will let you how it goes :)

Thanks.  looking forward to hearing what you decided.  Take care.

Hi Joel,

Im delighted to hear about your nomination to PEI. I have recently applied for PEI PNP under NOC 2263 (Occupational health and safety officer).

Could you please let me know, how long did PEI take to nominate you.

Anyone have idea about the safety officer jobs in PEI and what about the nomination for this NOC.


Hello Imran,

I've applied for my nomination in end of May, this year and waiting for their nomination (received a generic email stating that my nomination paper have been received, and interested candidates will be contacted). It is November of this year, and I'm still waiting for their reply :)

Provincial nominations usually takes 5-6 months or more, and as stated nominees contact candidates that are of interest to them.

All the best!

Dear Joel,

Thanks for your prompt response. I have applied in october this year and still waiting for any response from them.

Thanks anyway and all the best for your future application.


An update regarding PEI provincial nomination:

PEI has filled in their allocation for 2016, the number of candidates they can nominate. They will continue to review applications for the coming year 2017, based on the program criteria. More info can be found out on their website: … amp;lang=E

Hello Barbara,
We are looking at moving to PEI with our 4 children.  I was quite concerned to read about the difficulty of getting a doctor.  Is there any way around this, say paying privately?  would that be expensive?

Thanks in advance

Hi Joel,

Are you in PEI now, how's life there I have filled expression of interest....

You know any wts ap group for PEI?

Nand Kishore

Hi Barbara,

This is Nand Kishore here I have filled expression of interest for Prince Edward island can you please advise me how is the job market there for airline people like ticketing?

Many Thanks
Nand Kishore


I haven't immigrated yet. Still working on my papers! sorry, don't know of any whatsapp groups.

Canada has a single pay medical system, so there are no private doctors. There are walk in clinics and the emergency room available for treatment, should it be necessary. It took us over two years to get a family doctor, but we did get one.

There is one commercial airport on PEI that serves two airlines: Air Canada and West Jet. A few years ago (I've been away for a while) I did see job postings occasionally. It is a small airport that offers flights to major hubs in Canada and occasionally to the US and other points abroad.

Is it bad? is it problem for life? How about medical cure? They can their own responsibilities?

We don't feel that it was a problem. We could always get medical care when we needed it.

Hello everyone!
I in this forum, me and my family are planning to apply to PEI as provincial nominee. Question is, if I send my EOI today, how long should I wait before they reply? My NOC is 2282, more of technical support in IT field. Thanks in advance.


I did my NS PNP about 4 years ago and EOI respond took 3 mths. But you shouldn't take that as a yardstick. It may totally different for different province and different times.

Hello Barbara... thanks for all the information, I want to know if someone here can solve some questions

I would like to know about the day care in Charletown I had heard that in some citys in canada you have to wait in a list for years, also they have a kindergarden there?? do you know how much it´s ??

Also I want to know about the employment in the island, I mean the opportunities there and the kind of jobs that you can find... also I want to ask you about the employavailability when you finish a 2 year program there ?? how long it will take you to find a professional job and how much it will be the payment.

What is the cost life there for a 3 member family ??

Thanks a lot :)

Rental is cheap in Charlottetown. If you live downtown, its easy to get around.
Job opportunity wise, I am betting not too good. It all depends on what kind of job you are looking for though. The island only has 1 university, 1 hospital. Compare that with the nearest biggest - Halifax which has slightly more than half a dozen universities and has bigger healthcare presence. Its really only alive during summers. I was there just over the weekend but some locals told me that there's practically nothing when its out of the tourist season. Can't help much with kindergarden though.

Hello philipyeo, thanks for your answer It has a lot of sense... that is not what Im looking for my family.

Don't get me wrong. I love Charlottetown and PEI. Its a nice place to holiday around and maybe live if you have your own business (perhaps online type) or if you  accepted that you want to do things with your hands or perhaps go into farming etc. But if you work for a living say like nursing or accounting or IT stuff or even your own business (that's not online - say restaurant, or laundromat), then be prepared to work harder in finding a job or be without one for a bit or in business, have extra low volumes during winter season.

Hello Philipyeo, yes I get your point that is why dont work for us, because we are engineers with a master program and we definitely are looking for good proffesional opportunities and as you said I think that PEI it´s a wonderful place but to small and maybe with few job opportunities, I mean only in the areas that they may need.


All elementary schools offer kindergarten and the cost is part of income taxes. Supplies are extra. I can't think of any private schools in PEI, but my kids were grown when I lived there. Charlottetown  and Summerside are the only part of the Island which operates year round. Most businesses are tourist oriented and open on the May long weekend and close on the September long weekend. I have heard of people comuting to Nova Scotia for work, but I'm not sure what industries they are involved in. Halifax is 3-4 hour drive from Charlottetown. I had no trouble finding work (banking), but couldn't find a part-time job, only full-time. I had strong computer skills, which were needed at the time.

My wish place to visit and live in.

What is the common temperature there? And what is the most common health issue there? Any one from opposite temperature has lived there (what the experiences)?

But nutty, the temperatures vary widely, season to season. The summer is usually in the mid teens (15) to low 30's centigrade during the day and cooler at night. In the winter, wind is always a factor, so the air temperature may be -10 centigrade, but the wind chill can increase the cold by several degrees. It's been as cold as -35 while I was there. If you are looking at average temperatures online make sure you look by month and not a general overview. That being said, a sunny day at -20 (with no wind) can be very pleasant with the proper winter clothes. Winter storms can shut parts of the island down for a day or two. Temperatures also vary in the different counties. The northern tips of the islands seemed to be more exposed and received more snow, as did the capital region, occasionally.

Health issues in PEi vary. There is a slightly higher than the national average in cancer, which they are still trying to figure out the cause. There is a high instance of diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity. This can have to do with genes as well as lifestyle. It's hard to be really active during the winter months, unless you live near one of the bigger cities which offer  gyms, community centres etc. Our biggest challenge was obtaining a family doctor. We used the walk-in clinics for almost three years before being assigned a physician.

Hi. My husband just got a potential Employment opportunity in PEI (Summerside)  and I am just worried because the population statistics shows that almost the 100%  is "white " I have 3 kids and altouhg we live in a very friendly city (Calgary) my daughter has felt that she is "different" we are Latin people and yes we are not white at all. Will be this an issue in that area? How open are the "Islanders" to immigrants?

All the Islanders that I met were kind people. Immigration is growing and, while they don't always have lots of experience with "foreigners", I've never known then to be prejudiced. They don't have the whole politically correct thing down exactly, but their questions stem more from curiosity than anything negative. Except for Charlottetown, the population sure seems overwhelmingly caucasian and even though I am white, I was still considered being from "away", meaning a non-Islander. The are people of colour there, even in Summerside, as well as the aboriginal population. I won't say that there may not be awkward moments, but the general culture is one of hospitality, openness and welcome.

Hello Everyone! I am so glad to see that there are many people who are starting to show so much interest in Prince Edward Island. For anyone who is looking to immigrate, we are now working with the province to invite foreign nationals for Permanent Residency by investing in their growing economy. If you have any questions about how you can take advantage of this opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Hi i am interest to work at P.E.I at now i work as a line cook in toronto. I looking for employer that can sponsoring me to be permanent residence of canada. Can you help me?

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