Getting to Denmark

Hello all
I'm currently trying to find work in Denmark and its not proving to be easy.
I am currently living in South Africa working as a network / field engineer but also have IT support experience.  I've read the new to Denmark website and pretty much the only way I'm getting is if i find work there.  Reason for moving - my soon to be fiancé is living there.
Are there any companies that assist foreigners with people immigrating or finding jobs there?

I have 5 years + experience in IT and about 8 internationally recognised certifications such as cisco CCNP and compTIA A+ and security+

Any help or advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

I have no other ideas than to google recruiters Denmark .............

This resulted (a.o.) in this link: … tionLevel=

Maybe, they can help you, maybe, they can give you a piece of good advice.


I have already done so, lol

I am signed up on about 15 different websites
read through the new to Denmark and work in Denmark websites
fully updated LinkedIn profile and added about 30 IT recruiters almost 2 months ago.

No progress :,(

Already signed up with a full profile on that website... sigh

It this site also also among the sites where you have signed up?

However, I am glad that you haven't given up your present job because you considered it to be a piece of cake to find a job in Denmark. Then your sighs would have been much louder.

Good luck.


As soon as I find something I am gone :)

If you have any other suggestions or advise please dont hesitate to send me a message

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