Job opportunities for non-danish speakers

Hello everyone,

This is Mazen, 32 male from Egypt. I am an electrical engineer with 9 years total experience.
I am considering applying for Denmark greencard, yet i read this major concern which faced a lot of cases.
Non-Danish speakers find it hard to find jobs in Denmark, where Danish people prefer danish speakers. You consider yourself lucky if you are an english speaker with a job in Denmark!
I am wondering how true is that?
Can anybody advise? Does anybody know someone who applied for Denmark greencard, and managed to get a job over there without learning Danish language?

Thanks, Cheers.

Hi Mazen

You shall not count on finding a job without learning Danish. It is normally a must. And except from a handful of companies, the language will be Danish everywhere.

However, perhaps exactly your education and experience would make it possible for you to find a job without speaking Danish, but in all circumstances, it will be a handicap for you not to speak the language because of social isolation.

Take a look at the English job ads on the Internet. If you find jobs matching your education and skills there, you'll have a chance, if not, the chances will be very, very little. If a Danish-speaking applicant has the same qualifications as you, he will be chosen for the job.

Maybe/probably, the green card scheme will be abolished by parliament by the end in this parliament year (June). The scheme was introduced to attract highly skilled people to  ease the need for qualified people in some Danish companies. The scheme was introduced in 2007/08 where we had financial crisis (which has not come to an end yet). Maybe, this is why the scheme has never become a success. Only 30 % of the green card holders have found a job which was equivalent to their skills. The remaining 70 % have ended up in low paid jobs at the bottom of society or have found no job at all. Thus, those 70 % will not be able to stay as they cannot meet the yearly income requirements.

After the potentiel/expected abolition of the green card scheme . it will still be possible to come to Denmark to work, but then you shall have found the job in advance. I will recommend you to try this instead of applying for a green card, or to head for a job in an English speaking country.

This is of course not the answer you wished to hear, but probably an answer which does come as a surprise to you.


Another suggestion: Create a good profile on LinkedIn if you haven't already done this.


Hello Nellie,

Thanks so much for your time and useful input, that's exactly what i needed to know before i make a decision.
I would definitely use the advice as well.

Thanks again.
Mazen Mostafa

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